Irishkcox's V-Diet Log

Several years ago I found out about the V-Diet… I have desided to give it a shot

Start weight: 193lbs

Day 2 – 190.1 lbs. Yesterday did my best but ended up having a small chicken breast and shake for dinner… its getting easier tho

Day 2 – 190.1 lbs. Completed today fairly easily. . So far so good. Made a shake with almond milk to switch things up

Day 3 – 188.1 lbs. Strength has remained… feel a bit lerhargic… but feel great

Day 4 184.4lbs…

how is it going man? keep it up!

Had my solid meal today… baked chicken and sweet potato… tasted amazing… forgot to weigh in this a.m. I can deff see a diff in the mirror… ill take update pics middle this week

Thanks for the support

Good good!
Just trying to boost people doing the V-Diet :slight_smile:
you are not alone, and many went through it, you can too!

Weight today is at 187. I had a rather large cheat meal sat and been strayin off track here is some pics

Here is after about a week

Been a good few days… energy was decent… workout today was ruff. Couldnt get motivated and felt lethargic

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