Intra Workout on V-Diet

Have you heard of anyone experimenting with Anaconda or MAG-10 intra workout during the V-Diet instead of Surge? I only ask because the cyclic dextrins are supposed to be the best thing for intra workout carbs. Or would a somewhat out of shape person not benefit as much from the cyclic dextrins as someone with better insulin sensitivity? Just a thought.

Something like Anaconda is better for intra-workout nutrition. That would work for the V-Diet instead of Surge Recovery. The V-Diet workouts, if followed correctly ,are pretty short though so Surge is fine. You can even sip it during workouts instead of waiting for after. MAG-10 is great for conditioning only or post-workout if something else is used during, but it’s not enough carbs by itself for the cycling effect we’re using in the V-Diet.

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