Intolerance to Casein/ Alternatives for Plazma/MAG-10?

After using Plazma/MAG-10 for around 8 weeks, I noticed that I was feeling more lethargic and my throat was tight and constantly felt swollen. I had blood tests done, where my IgG antibodies were way past the normal range. I don’t consume any other dairy products in my diet.

After ceasing Plazma/ MAG-10 for a few weeks, I had my IgG levels tested again and they were back in the normal range, and my previous symptoms were gone. I also have a gluten intolerance (Celiac’s, diagonsed through blood-test and verified with a biopsy) and have read that many people with a gluten intolerance also have either a casein or dairy intolerance.

That being said, I still want to reap the benefits of peri-workout nutrition and was wondering if I should use either Surge Recovery or Surge Workout Fuel intra-Workout. I lift around 4-5 days a week and usually do a day or two of recovery/GPP-style workouts on my off-days, such as loaded carries and mid-intensity body-weight circuits. Which intra-workout protocol would best benefit me? My current goals are to lean out slightly, while I am finishing up my fifth bottle of Indigo 3-G. (around 10% bf @ 173 lbs, looking to drop to 8-7%).

Surge Workout Fuel is great stuff. Go with that. It’s often referred to as “poor man’s Plazma”, but I suppose we could also call it “casein-intolerant man’s Plazma”. It’s the next best thing. Personally, the only difference I notice between the two is that I have slightly more DOMS with Surge.

Interested in that as well.

Either one would work for workout nutrition, but Surge Recovery does still have whey, which you think might cause issues. So I’d go Surge Workout Fuel (out of stock right now, should be back in a couple of weeks).

Like Shralpinist said, it’s pretty much a close runner-up to Plazma anyhow, so it’s the best bet. 2 scoops for lifting sessions and 1 scoop for the recovery workouts would be a good start.

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