Intermittent Fasting?

Hi Chris,

What are your thoughts on Intermittent Fasting while on the V-Diet? I know you guys advocate Pulse fasting, but I am really strapped for cash due to my wedding coming up. I am starting my 3rd week on the V-Diet and although this has been a positive experience, the results were not as drastic as I thought they would be.

Can I use IF to really take fat loss to the next level? Maybe on my non-workout days or during my non-workout days during the transition phase?

I don’t like traditional intermittent fasting for the person with physique goals in mind. Especially if he or she is already on a strict diet plan like the V-Diet. Muscle loss and rebound would be likely.

The Pulse Fast works very well as part of the V-Diet, but I can’t endorse regular I.F. for it. I would never do that myself.

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