Intermittent Fasting Question

Hi, i am thinking about give a try to this kind of diet. I am working till 05 pm so i usually tran in early evning. I was wondering which kind of fasting would be better for me, a 16/8 in which case i would eat around noon, train after work and then have two meals before bad time. Other method i was thinking about is fasting for 18 hours, train while still gasting and than eat for 4-6 hours before bad time. I am around 17 bf so please i would apprechiate any advice.

I think most forms of fasting are eating disorders cleverly disguised with “science.” And any plan that leaves out peri-workout nutrition for a weight trainer is even worse.

The only type of plan I support is more of a semi-fast, like the Pulse Fast plan (which we are updating soon.) Basically, you “pulse” with Mag-10 for a full day on an off day, no more than twice per week. No muscle loss, quick fat loss, and a nice anabolic rebound the next day when you refeed and train.

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