Intermediate Workout

Resurrecting this one. Valid question as I just am ready to do this portion.

What is the total reps for each day? Looking at Monday doing a light set your done within 5-10 minutes if all we have to do is 20 reps still at a much lighter weight.

Can we get some clarity on this please ? Thank you.

With the intermediate workouts, Monday is 20 total reps per exercise, Wednesday and Friday are both 40 total reps per exercise.

You’re not using a light weight on Monday. Like the manual says, you’re using a 4-5 rep max which is pretty heavy. You’re also using only 30 seconds rest between sets (for the first week, less in later weeks), so you just keep plugging along until you hit the total reps for the exercise. It might take 5 sets or it might be 8 sets.

This article talks more about that type of training. It’s a different mindset from the usual “X sets and Y reps” but very effective at keeping the intensity high throughout the workout:

Hi Chris, thanks for the reply. I was referring to the intermediate extension plan on page 38 of the v diet book. if you could review and clarify. Thank you

Gotcha. I’d go with the same thing that I said.

The sentence about the light 14-16RM rep range appears to be a typo that should only be in the Advanced Transition section. I’ll look to get it sorted out.

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