Intermediate V-Diet Finale

I’m male and 217 pounds. I’ve done V-Diets before, with and without modification. I want to get below 200. I’ve been stuck around this weight for a while and each time I approach 200-205, I go crash on pizza and shoot back up. It’s time to finish this shit once and for all.

Technically, this is not a V-Diet since I’m trying out some of the new stuff I’ve heard Chris talk about, but as far as I know it still has no official protocol. I removed the flax seed and nut butter and 2 servings of MD low-carb in favor of one serving of Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth, 2 servings of FA3, and 4 servings of Carlson’s fish oil. I followed the calories as close as I could according to Dailyburn. I lost some protein and carbs (from the flax seed and nut butter) in exchange for some additional fat. The math doesn’t seem to be right according to dailyburn since the V-Diet calculator says 1590 calories and I ended up with 1610, but if I do the math on the macronutrients from the calculator (240g protein * 4 + 43g fat * 9 + 66g carb * 4), it’s 1611 anyway. I guess the 1590 was just a typo or something.

I’m doing the intermediate lifting program. I bought a power rack for my apartment and I have an AB wheel and assistance straps for high rep pull-ups (versus no lat pulldown), so I can perform the entire workout in my apartment as prescribed.

V-Diet vets are always welcomed to play “lab wabbit.”

Keep us posted!

Day 3: I banged out the second workout today. I have noticed a few differences from my other V-Diet experiences. The first is that I can smell stuff super clearly already. This usually doesn’t happen until the 5th day. I also carb-“bonked” yesterday and that usually happens on the 4th day. I also had a really weird craving for salt. At first I thought I was just hungry, but I noticed I only seemed to really want the dry-rub ribs some friends were eating and not the sauce covered ones. I ate a teaspoon of salt and it went away.

MD Muscle Growth is super filling. On previous V-Diets, I’d get hungry and eat the next shake every 3 hours pretty damn consistently. I usually wait about 4.5 after the Muscle Growth one in the morning.

you sound exactly like me… Same weights and everything. When im lazy its more 230ish at the mo am like 206 20 days into the V-Diet. Breaking that 200lb mark has always been the biggest hurdle. It’s like my body won’t let me weigh less than 200lbs! I feel if i break through that barrier which i think you can do maybe our bodies will open up and let us be super lean!

Yeah, Marzouk. We have to be careful of “Big-Man Syndrome” and just pound through the 200 mark. Keep on trucking!

I just finished my NEPA walk and had a blast vaulting over parking garage walls, bicycle racks, and park benches. I also climbed on top of some apartment building signs just because I could. Odd looks from passerbys on the sidewalks, but I was smiling from ear to ear.

Day 5: I rocked the third workout. My assistance straps don’t work so hot with my power rack for pull-ups, so I ended up doing inverted rows at about a 45 degree angle to get to the 8-9 rep range. I haven’t done deadlifts in this rep range in a while, and it was pretty brutal on the grip.

For NEPA I went to a park, vaulted over fallen trees, climbed some other trees, ran around on the hand-rails for bridges, and just had a great time playing.

Day 6: Intermediate V-Burn is a lot harder than beginner V-Burn. Clap push-ups and squat thrusts make me cry. However, just as with the first time I did a V-Burn during my first V-Diet, I’m walking out of this mess with some bigger shoulders. Hand Walkouts work the crap out of the shoulder girdle and lats, push-ups with claps are insane power development from shoulders, back, and chest, pike push-ups are more shoulders and back, and squat thrusts are a little bit more on the ol’ shoulder and chest. It took me 45:00 to finish all six rounds. By the third round I was splitting the claps into 5/5. By the end I was having to split up clap push-up and pike push-up sets into 4,3,3. Actually, by the sixth round even the hand-walkouts were crushing me.

Calories seem fine. I miss the nut butter, but I love not having to muck with the flax seed.

Broke my collarbone at warrior dash. Experiment will have to be done by someone else in the future. Was going well. Did miss the nut butter and wanted some salt. Otherwise, went fine.

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