Intermediate Training

Chris - I’m going to start the intermediate training - I printed the workout sheets and just to clarify. Workout 1 has only 4 exercises in it. I do 20 reps of all 4 exercises at a heavy weight - regardless of how long it takes to complete those 20? So in other words, the sets don’t really matter - as long as I complete the 20 reps?

Kinda sorta. Pay attention to the Load and Rest. For the 1st workout, you select a weight that is your 4 - 5 rep max…basically a weight heavy enough that you can only do 4 - 5 reps at most for the 1 set. You then rest 30 seconds and do your 2nd set…hopefully getting the 4 - 5 reps. Rest 30 seconds and repeat. Most likely your reps will go down as your sets increase, and you don’t stop this process until you get a total of 20 reps. It may take you 8, 9, 10 sets to complete all 20 when using the appropriate weight and rest period. If this only takes you 4 sets of 5 reps to get all 20, then you need to bump up the weight a little. Don’t be affraid to push yourself! G’luck!

Also, notice how the reps, rest, and loads change for the Weds and Friday workouts. Follow those exactly and you’ll get the results you’re after!

Awesome! Thanks!

It’s a very different way to train, so let me make sure you’ve got it.

I’m looking at Intermediate Monday workout. Load is heavy, meaning 4-5 reps. So you’ll find a weight for each exercise that you can only get 4-5 reps with on the first set. Then you follow the rest guidelines and starting doing sets with 30 seconds rest between until you hit 20 total reps. So it may look like this:

Set 1: 5 reps
Set 2: 4 reps
Set 3: 4 reps
Set 4: 3 reps
Set 5: 2 reps
Set 6: 2 reps
= total 20 reps

It doesn’t matter how many sets it takes. You may even be down to singles. The key is to follow the first set load guidelines and rest periods. You never do one set of 20 or one set of 40 reps. (People who don’t read all the instructions make that mistake.)

If you can use the same weight all the way to 20 reps, then you didn’t go heavy enough or you’re resting too long.

If you can get over 4-5 reps on heavy day, then you did’t go heavy enough.

Hope that helps.

Yep, I completely understand :slight_smile: Thanks for clarification. Stoked!

Is it safe to say that I’m spending less time in the gym with this training? (not counting the 30-min NEPA)

The workouts will be shorter but more intense compared to how most people train. When I did this plan I liked to do the NEPA after the lifting. And adding more NEPA is always fine as long as it stays NEPA and not cardio.

Ok, I had planned on doing 30 mins of NEPA directly after lifting too. No prob with the non-cardio - I detest cardio, so I’m happy :slight_smile: I plan to do 30 mins NEPA first thing in the morning with HOT-ROX (assuming I can handle it on empty stomach) and then breakfast shake. I want to do 30 mins NEPA everyday, am and after lift on workout days.

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