Intermediate Program Substitutes?

Hi! Looking to start the Velocity Diet in another couple of weeks, after I finish my current build phase. But I have been using some complex lifts for several months that I would not necessarily want to drop for a full month. Looking at the Intermediate Program (only been doing this a couple years), is it okay to substitute things like full back squats on Monday for the front squats or overhead presses for push presses on Wednesdays?

Not as concerned about subbing dumbbell presses for barbell, but wanted your opinion on the other two. Ideally, I would not lose any of the gains I made strength-wise in the past several months on those lifts. Thanks!

Those would be fine subs, but be sure to read the rep/set guidelines Waterbury recommends. Very different than typical training. But if those exercises fit within those unique methods, sure, go for it.

Agreed. I’ve been on 5x5 programs most recently, so the “heavy” 4-5 rep loads are very familiar to me. But I will need to recalculate the “medium” loads where applicable. Thanks!!

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