Intermediate Lifting

Hey Chris - I’m sure you can answer my question. I am following the Intermediate Weight training program and have a question about BW Roll Out. It says to do 20 reps, but i find this to easy. Is there a way to make this harder?

Have you added loaded carries to the program on either a non-lift day or after their workout? I love loaded carries but am really trying to stay true to this plan. I still have gas in my tank after my workouts, so that’s why I was wanting to add those in or maybe this is the Plazma talking? I understand i am in a caloric deficit program, so i understand the importance of taking my foot off the gas. I honestly just love loaded carries, as well as prowler pushing to finish the day off right.

I love those types of training too, but I’d save them for after the V-Diet. If you must, have a 15 minute max session with moderate weights on an off day or two during the week.

Do you mean the Ab wheel roll-outs? If you can get 20, then either you’re a beast or not doing it quite right. Try it from your toes not your knees.

I’ll take your advice and hold off on the carries till after the program. It’ll be hard but I’ll trust the process.

As far as the ab wheel rollout exercise, I’m not a beast so I MUST be doing it incorrectly. I took a look at some videos and I’m going to put what I watched into practice on Mondays workout. Thanks for the information!

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