Intermediate Lifting Issues

I’ve been working out consistently for 3ish years and want to start a V-Diet, but I am not strong enough to do chin ups or pull ups on my own. My gym doesn’t have an assist machine or appropriate bands for me to do it either.

I’ve done the V-Diet twice using the beginner workout and I know I can do all of the other exercises on intermediate. How do you recommend adjusting the one exercise or do I just have to suck it up and go back to the beginner workout?

I’d say, you can replace with a similar move that will help train the same muscles, or you can work on training pull/chin ups through alternate means.

You can train using negatives, which is getting yourself up in position with a chair and lowering yourself down as controlled as possible, or do jump-up pull ups, which is basically jumping to pull yourself up and controlling your descent.

It seems concerning that you can’t do pull-ups if you’ve been lifting for a few years and done the V-Diet twice. That combination seems like it would put you in a good position, but not sure your height / weight.

My personal advice from having been in a similar position (could only do 1 pull up) is to really focus on them. Do sets of 1 until you get 10 and so on. Aim for a total of 30 reps and get there any way you can each back session. I would also throw them in on off days for extra emphasis. I would set an end goal of 3 sets of 10 reps before adding any extra weight.

That being said, doing the “pull-up” where you lay on the ground in a squat rack and set up the bar at a comfortable level to pull your upper body up seems like the way to go, or just the traditional lat-pull down. If you truly can’t do a pull-up, I would do the heaviest possible lat-pull down you can do and train it similar to a heavy bench press (heavy, low reps) until you’re doing a lat-pull down of your body weight for 1 set of 10 reps at least. Once you can do that, you should be able to do at least a couple pull ups and go on from there.

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