Intermediate Lifter Looking for Product Recommendations

Tyler asks:

I have a few questions about some of your products, specifically Mag-10®, Plazma™ and Micro-PA®. I was wondering what type of lifter should be taking them. Would they be recommended/suitable for someone who was doing three full-body workouts a week or doing routines such as 4-day splits or upper/lower body workouts 4 times a week? I am really interested in the products and am an intermediate lifter and looking to build muscle and burn some fat.

In general, those supps will work great for anyone lifting hard with a good plan. It’s not really dependent on the specific program you’re doing.

With that said, though, there are some ways to fine-tune the program to make the most out of some of them. For example, Micro-PA essentially helps the body respond even better to a muscle-building stimulus, so any kind of classic bodybuilding-type training will be optimal, as opposed to light/high rep endurance work or very low volume, super-heavy strength work.

Anything that has a good amount of time under tension will help to trigger mTor, an enzyme in the body that tells the body to build muscle. Christian Thibaudeau talked about it as part of this program.

Another common way to optimize those supps would be to use just Mag-10 during any hard conditioning work like sprints, early morning “fasted” cardio, CrossFit metcons, etc. Plazma would be overkill for a workout like that, but the Mag-10 has enough protein and carbs to preserve muscle and fuel performance.

Other than that, nope, the specific training split doesn’t affect the supplements’ effectiveness.

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