Intensified Flavors - Artifical Colors/Dyes


I love the Intensified Flavors!

I was just curious if there’s any discussion of removing the food dyes from the product or perhaps using natural colorings?



Good idea. I don’t see why the color should be so intense. It sometimes stains my fingers and it’s not easy to get of even.


Right! And from what I’ve read, the artificial dyes aren’t really good for you. Biotest offers such high quality products, seems like a likely progression to elimate the artificial dyes.


Agreed. The most egregious is the Red #40 recently added to Micro PA. Zero reason for it to be in the product other than marketing, which seems incredibly behind the times. I’m not overly concerned with artificial colors as I’m not a kid with ADHD but it’s just not necessary, especially in a capsule.


Right… I’m concerned more with keeping my teeth nice & white! :wink:


@Chris_Colucci Is there any plan to remove the artificial dyes?


I’m obviously not Chris, just tossing in my .02, I can’t imagine there would be. From a marketing and practical stand point, it’s a lot easier to discern the flavors by the colors.


Yeah no, I haven’t heard of any plans to change the stuff. I’m guessing it’s something to do with the concentrated formula being all set as-is, and changing one thing (the color) might rollover into need to change the rest of the ingredients to keep the end product the same.

Oil pulling. No joke, basically swishing with coconut oil (and then spitting it out) works great for this. I did it before my wedding, about 5 minutes at a time a few days a week for a few weeks, and was happy with the results.


Thanks! Hadn’t heard of that one. :+1:t3: