Inspirational V-Diet Results Thread

Hello V-Dieters. Just wondered if anyone would like to share their results in this thread. I think it would inspire those considering a V-Diet to take the plunge and help those already on it to keep going right until the bitter (or rather sweet) end!

I’ll start the ball rolling:

  • Height 5’11 Starting Weight 244

  • On day 17 now, weight 226

  • Lost 18 lbs so far.

I havent done my other measurements since I started but feel free to post yours and any before and after pics if you would like to. Its great to see amazing results dotted around the forum, would be fantastic to see lots of them all in one thread.

Thanks in advance, this will help me keep strict for the last few days.

hi!!! Great Idea

My turn

  • Height 5’11 Starting Weight 223lbs

  • End of WEEk 4 (end of August), weight 207 lbs

Today I’m at 209.!!! Still hoping to reach 200lbs soon.

My results…

  • Height 6’2"
  • Starting Weight 261.4lbs
  • End of Week 3 240.8lbs (down 20.6lbs in 3 weeks)

Today is day 26! Hoping to hit or come close to 235 at my weigh in on Saturday morning. By end of two week transition my target is 230lbs for a 31.4lb loss over six weeks!!

From there the question is what I transition too. Thinking about JB’s Get Shredded Fast program.

Im just starting but so far so good…
Height 5’
starting weight 133
day 5-(cheated and weighed myself early 128
-5 pounds!

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