[Insert Witty Diet Name] - Starting April 02/09

Hello V-dieters!

My names Matt, Im 22 years old and just shy of 6 feet tall. I’ve always been skinny my whole life. Up until last year this time, I never broke 160lbs. Since last April, I’ve been eating and working out a ton. Now Im 190lbs and wanted to start to cut some fat off to hit my 1 year goal of what I wanted to look like.

Now I took the advice of eating a ridiculous amount of food and “thats the only way a skinny guy can get huge” approach. It worked well to throw on mass (muscle and fat). Mind you, its all been healthy, whole foods. Ill be following better advice for muscle gain and maintaining low bf% next time around. <3 this site.

I decided to do this diet because I wanted to get a six pack for the summer, thats actually worth seeing, while minimizing muscle loss. PERFECT - Ill do the v-diet!

Now I dont have measurements or BF% since I didnt expect the stuff to get here so fast. But I just took some quick pictures at work. They arent the greatest, but hopefully gives you an idea.

PS: Its really great to see the before and after pictures of so many people. Its absolutely mind blowing to see the results and support of so many people.

back shot.


Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your stats later and watching your progression. You’ll do well :wink:

Welcome aboard the crazy train!

Hey laujik,
Looks like you’ll see some great results as it’s pretty clear you’ve got some good muscle underneath. Just a matter of ripping off the fat with the V-Diet, which you’ll do no prob!

We started the same week (3 days ago for me) so we are in this together! Looking forward to watching your progress!


Did you take those in a public bathroom? Brave! Looking forward to your progression.

So yesterday was the end of day 1. It wasnt nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I was mostly full after each shake. But Im not sure if it was because they were so thick and had a hard time swigging them back. But thanks to some advice from austin2174, hot water helped a lot with the taste. It almost tastes like a protein tea! But still difficult to get the last half down.

I also went for a great hour walk, which was awesome to clear my head. Taking away the extra calories burned, Its still a great thing to do if you are worried about something at work or home. Its like a form of meditation.

I went around town to 5 different fitness stores looking for body calipers and tape measure. Everyone was either out of stock or didnt sell them. So Ill have to make a better effort this weekend, but I might have to order some online.

Chris: Im going to think of this more as a crazy space ship, since most people that do this diet look out of this world! Yes I just went there…and yes there is more cheesy lines to come!

tiger_ppr: :smiley: umsta umsta umsta - this is exciting! Thanks for the words of encouragement!

firmgrrrl: hahahaha I didnt think anyone would comment about it, but its technically not a public bathroom. I work at a health center/gym for a union. It just opened, so there are not many people during the day and I pretty much have a workout facility/bathroom/showers all to myself for 10hrs a day. It makes this diet that much easier. No excuses not to workout, time meals and I have nobody telling me I cant do it. :slight_smile:

But in the end, if someone walked in on me, I would look ridiculous :D!

Hey Laujik grats on knocking out day 1! If they get too thick toward the last half just add more water. It looks like it adds more to the shake but in reality you can get the thinned out bottom half down better than the thick. (If you like them thin, of course, which you said you do).

Wow on getting a gym plus amenities all to yourself. You’re lucky.

I look ridiculous in the gym anyway and people are all over the place. So you are VERY lucky!

Glad you’re not feeling bad. Hope you dont start feeling bad but remember, if you do, it WILL pass. Quicker than you think.

Thanks so much Lisa. I’m sure you dont look ridiculous. But if you do, Im guessing most guys there arent paying attention to your technique lol.

This mornings shake when down fantastic tho. The grinded flax made for a better texture that I think helped. (yesterday I had to pick up some at the grocery store, so I didnt have it in the morning shake)

I am very fortunate to have access to equipment when its not busy. Its also a great experience dealing with people, since I want to goto school to be a fitness trainer. The articles that just came out with Chris interviewing Alwyn Cosgrove gave awesome insight.

I have a question about my schedule though. Is it ok to just start with Fridays workout and then just continue from there? Rather than doing Mondays workout today, then Wednesdays workout on Sunday. It would just get confusing.

You could just add the one monday and one wed workout to the end of your V-Diet.

Hey hey laujik!
Woohoo Day 2 for you! Wonder how it’s going. I am loving the flax too. Later in the diet, if you need some variety, some people have recommended putting the flaxseeds into just a little bit of hot water and then it’s like hot cereal or something. Still to try - maybe tonight.

I look forward to the Surge too! Which flavor do you have?

I started on a Tuesday so had the same dilemma re: the workouts. Since I was only off by one day though, I did both workouts 1 and 2 on tues, did workout 3 on thurs, will do vChallenge on sat and then i’m back on track. In your case, I agree with Lisa and think you should follow Fri for Fri and then tack on the workouts at the end.

Seriously, as crazy as it may sound, I am really excited for vChallenge tomorrow. I’ll probably feel like dying, but can’t wait to give The Burn my best shot.

I think that’s awesome you want to be a PT. And your physique is going to be selling your services like none other by the end of this… (sounds like prostitution - but you know what I mean) :wink:


Matt that is awesome! I would love to work at a gym! I would be so fit and tiny! That sounds like a really great opportunity for ya. Great work on day 1. Keep it up!

Alright! So I finished my workout about an hour ago, but got caught up with a couple things after.

Anyways, definitely do not underestimate the workout. I followed it exactly to the seconds and kept a very high intensity. Lets just say my shake from earlier was almost all over the floor.

Total reps: 40 per exercise
Rest: 45 seconds between each set
Load: Medium (8-9 RM)

A Deadlift - 5 sets 230lbs (10 10 7 7 6) » insane with only 45 sec rest times.
B Decline DB Bench Press - 4 sets 35 (10 10 10 10) » not enough weight
C Pull-Up - 8 sets Bodyweight (8 4 4 3 3 3 3 2) » only did 30.
D Hand Walkout (knees) - 5 sets (10 10 7 7 6) » I was almost doing push ups at the very end of the extension, so my triceps were on fire. Harder than they look. Possibly doing them wrong.

All in all, it didnt take long, but was very intense. I was not feeling great after the workout, but with a shower and Surge (chocolate btw L), I felt like a million bucks.

Yah I think thats a good idea. I think it all evens out in the end. Ill just end on a different workout then I would have if starting on a Monday. I was actually debating waiting until Monday, but that would have been a stupid choice and a waste of valuable time!

L: Thats great to hear you are excited for the vChallenge! Im going to be doing it tomorrow too! Should be some serious ownage. Ill also have to try that with the flax. Smart idea.

As for the whole prostitution thing…I gave that up a few years back, so no need to worry. :stuck_out_tongue:

Penny: Yah its great. Sit back and time meals and workouts to the minute. But I still catch myself trying to make up excuses to delay.

But if you want something bad enough youll go to the end of the world to get it anyways. But having equipment staring at you all day helps :smiley:

Haha. Will post more tomorrow, but just have to say the Surge pic made me smile.

Day 2 = a million bucks: Not bad! :wink:

PS I’m trying out the flaxseed with a little bit of hot water right now. Verdict: good option if you want some texture to chew on.

I only have a couple minutes. But last night was brutal. For some reason these shakes are getting harder and harder to get down.

Last night, even after PB, I was about to puke at the start of the shake. Wondering how I was even going to finish it. Ended up choking it down and going to bed feeling like I had the flu and hungover.

Im coming to the conclusion that Im having trouble with the taste and smell of the shakes since they taste a lot of marshmallows. When I was a kid, my friend and I ate 5-6 whole bags of them and got horrendously ill. Its absolutely retarded, but can’t even look at the Michelin Man, let alone marshmallows.

In the end, Im sure it will get better…and if it doesnt, its only going to bed gagging for another 26 days right? haha.

V-Challenge tommorow.


Welcome aboard, Matt! Thanks for stopping by my thread…

I see from your before pictures your back is already ripped as all fuck, so once you start shedding some fat, you will be rip diesel…you look like you have the type of frame that would do really well with most of the programs on this site, but you’re doing what I’m doing and getting rid of the fat first! good plan…get cut, then get hooooyge

btw, the bench photo w/Biotest buddies is nice!

Man, Matt, in the first week, I thought I’d puke just -thinking- about my next shake when it came time to make it. I wont laugh about the marshmallow incident, - ok. I laughed. - But, you’re right, it will get better and you wont be gagging for another 26 days. Maybe another couple or three. At the most. I’d be surprised if that feeling lasts the whole month. Good luck on your vburn tomorrow.


Update from the weekend.

Friday night caught me off guard, but just laughed it off. I went to my friends hockey game and met up with 5-6 people. After the game we all left in 2 cars and were just going to someones house to play some board games. On the way there, I got a call asking if ‘I wouldnt mind picking up pizza’, that they ordered so they could drop some hockey gear off at home. At the time I was like “f my life”, but I did it anyways to be a nice guy…right…

Let me just tell you that I have never felt so aroused to smell 4 medium meat lover pizzas. Im pretty sure a topless cover model could have served me the pizzas and told me they came with free sex when I picked them up and I wouldnt have even noticed. The smell was faaaaantastic.

Either way, they ate them in front of me and offered me several times (they dont know im on a vdiet), but I just refused and drank my nasty tasting shake and acted like it was just so delicious and they must be so jealous. They are used to the fact that I eat healthy and havent drank alcohol for over a year. So they know not to bug me about it >:D

On Saturday night, I watched about 2.5hrs of the food network. I wasnt hungry, I was just absolutely fascinated with every aspect of food. I almost had to take a cold shower afterwards, bouhaha.

On Sunday, I didnt end up being able to do my vBurn until 8pm on Sunday. Shake wasnt timed very well and felt a little drained. Going to try and do it Saturday mornings from now on. I timed myself at ~20mins for INT vBurn and was sweating balloons. Felt really good afterwards, just laying in the shower.

VTBalla: Thanks man, its really good to have support from people with similar goals. Im keeping a close eye on your log and cant wait to see next weeks results! You are going to be built like brick shit house with abs!

Btw, yes my Biotest picture is truling ballin’. haha

LIIISA: Well thanks for the heads up. I hope it eventually goes away, but im just starting to plug my nose and chug away. I only feel like crap for 5-10minutes and then am blasted full of energy, so its not as bad anymore. If it wasnt for your comments, I would be pretty down on myself.

Sorry for long message

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