[Insert Witty Diet Name] - Starting April 02/09


Hello V-Dieters!

My names Matt, Im 22 years old and just shy of 6 feet tall. I’ve always been skinny my whole life. Up until last year this time, I never broke 160lbs. Since last April, I’ve been eating and working out a ton. Now Im 190lbs and wanted to start to cut some fat off to hit my 1 year goal of what I wanted to look like.

Now I took the advice of eating a ridiculous amount of food and “thats the only way a skinny guy can get huge” approach. It worked well to throw on mass (muscle and fat). Mind you, its all been healthy, whole foods. Ill be following better advice for muscle gain and maintaining low bf% next time around. <3 this site.

I decided to do this diet because I wanted to get a six pack for the summer, thats actually worth seeing, while minimizing muscle loss. PERFECT - Ill do the v-diet!

Now I dont have measurements or BF% since I didnt expect the stuff to get here so fast. But I just took some quick pictures at work. They arent the greatest, but hopefully gives you an idea.

PS: Its really great to see the before and after pictures of so many people. Its absolutely mind blowing to see the results and support of so many people.