Input Appreciated on Supplement Plan/Timing

So I’ve almost ran out of every supplement in the pantry and I’m ready to start fresh with all Biotest gear. Was hoping I could get some peeps to chime in on the order I’m about to place as well as my timing. I lift 3X a week and have a full body routine I’m really enjoying(high rep deadlifts are the heart of it). My diet is fairly clean, not sure about percentages but it’s mostly protien with veggies and rice or potatoes. I throw fruit in occasionally as well but not often. Depending on wether or not I’m working days or not I don’t eat dinner. If I’m on nights I get 3 meals a day. I’m also on 175mg a week of Cypionate for TRT.

-Mag-10 and Brain Candy upon waking an hour before bfast.
-Scoop or 2 of Metabolic Drive between meals
-2 scoops Plazma as per directions for pre and Intra
-Mag 10 hour after the gym.
-Flameout, mineral supp, Curcumin and vitamin D before bed

I’m curious to see what you guys think of this regemine. I’m usually a protein and BCAA only guy but after reading as much of the content that I have from Biotest and TNation I’m excited to try some new things.

I’m also taking Indigo 3g and will continue it with this new plan as well.

Looks like it’s pretty dialed in and everything seems in order. As long as your training and nutrition in planned right, you should be on track.

I’ll sometimes do a Spike Shooter in Mag-10 as a pick-me-up in the morning a while before breakfast, so Brain Candy with Mag-10 is another good call. Plazma, Mag-10, and Metabolic Drive are all where they need to be for best effect. The health supps look in line to do their thing. No problem knocking them all back before bed. And the Indigo-3G will put your clean carbs to good use.

So, yeah man, looks like thumbs up across the board. Unless there was a more specific question you needed tackled?

Oooof, those are never fun. Badass builders, but definitely tougher than high rep squats.

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No, just making sure I wasn’t going over board or over thinking it. I’m pretty stoked about the new stack to go along with my routine and day to day life.

I’m actually really enjoying them. I have always made excuses to not do them wether it be I don’t want to hurt my back or whatever crap I could come up with. The reality was I just was being lazy. I’ve been lifting on and off for over a decade and never really achieved the results I wanted. Now that I stopped making excuses and ramped up the # of times I work a muscle per week it’s all starting to come together. Thanks for the input!

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