InkAddict's V-Diet, Take 2

Well, I just finished the V-Diet and am going to do it again. I lost went from 225 down to 203, and then had two weeks of transitioning where my weight stuck around 203-205. So today I’m starting again. I really want to drop another 15 lbs, that’s my goal for this time around. I took befor pictures this time (something I forgot to do last time) so I’ll keep updating this often, let everyone (who cares) know how it’s goin. Gotta love the V-Diet!!

Damn you’ve got serious dedication ink. Good luck on round 2 and yes…the V-Diet might be somewhat addicting haha! What weight/BF goals are you shooting for?

Wow, thats awesome! I’d say good luck but doesn’t sound like you need it. I’m starting my first V-Diet Monday the 16th

I am looking to get down (ultimately) to 180-185ish and then I’d loke to pack on some muscle to sit right around 200, but with 10-12% body fat.

My wife asked me how my first day was going, and I told her it was like I never got off the diet. The shakes are a part of life!

Good luck when you start Mike, if you haven’t done it before, the hardest part were the first few days, and once you get that first HSM, it’s smooth sailing!

Beginning of day 4, and I’m down to 197.6! That’s a loss of 7 lbs! I love this freaking diet! At this rate I could match my weight loss the first time, which was 22 lbs. Crazyness. I know it’s going to taper off, but I think the 15 I wanted to lose is easily attainable.

Also, I’m noticing more veins in my arms. A few are actually raised up, and I can see the blue outline of them more easily in my upper arms. I’ve never had “veins” so to speak, this kicks ass! I also notice way more definition in my quads and calves. Thanks Shugart!

Day 8 and going strong, easy breezy. I’m down to 196.6 as of this morning, which is a 8.4lb loss since I started this second time around, and 28.4lbs loss since the first V-Diet I did, starting Feb 1.

Way to go ink! That’s some impressive results for just having come off the transition. Not to mention the sheer willpower.

Day 1 on the left, day 7 on the right. When it’s all over with, I’ll post pictures from before I started the first one, and then final pics, pretty drastic already.


Here’s me at around 225-230

Beginning of Day 15 for me on this back to back V-Diet journey, and I’m happy to say I’m down another 10.6 lbs from where I started. January 29 I started the V-Diet, and lost 22 lbs, during the transition I gained 2 lbs back but starting the diet again I’m down to 194.4. I’m stoked. I can’t wait to bust into the 180’s, it’s been years! I will post pics from this morning later on when I have a chance. I will also do measurements to see what’s changed.

Also, my inlaws are so impressed with the results I’m seeing, that they too are going to give the V-Diet a shot. They should be getting their supps today and they’re starting on Sunday. It’ll be nice to have someone else to talk to about it!

191.8lbs this morning, loss of a total of 13.2lbs and it’s day 16. I took my measurements this morning and I’ve lost a total of 6.5" off my frame, most notably 2.5" from sround the belly button and an inch from my chest. I’ll reach my goal of 185, I’m sure of it!!

wow that is awesome guy! i am planning on doing similar back to back V-Diet i just need to survive the first one.

Shit man, your 225 --> current progress is inspiring! You know you’re doing something right when it works for a second time.

Keep it up, brother. But don’t cut weight too fast… I can’t let you hit 185 before I do :slight_smile:

Game’s on!

so did you start your second round right away after the transition phase?

Actually, I didn’t even finish the transistion before starting again. I knew I had more fat to incinerate, and I started wondering how much more I could use if I did the V-Diet again, so I ordered more supp’s and halfway through week two of transition, I started again. Maybe I didn’t feel like I was ready to eat food yet, and figured I needed more time to dial in my healthy eating habits.

I know there have been people that have done 6 weeks of V-Diet and then tansitioning, there’s probably some out there that have done back to back to back diets, not sure. What I do know is that it’s still working for me, still dropping weight, still love the workouts, and I’m going to finish out the next 11 days strong, transition nicely, and then I’m going to try to figure out what type of plan (eating and workout) to follow to put on 20 pounds of muscle.

I think I’ll continue doing the V-Diet once a year, if I need it. I’ll definitely want to do like a one week version of it before vacation and things like that, which Shugart said he’s done.

You’ll survive the first one Big, no problem, it’s all a mental game you’re playing with yourself. Just keep your nose in the forums every day for support and tips, and you’ll breeze through it.

Where you at now jo3? I gotta know where my competition is at or it’s not a fair challenge!

Hey nice results already man. And to do it more than once? To me, that’s like telling a woman to have a baby without drugs…more than once. Very inspiring!


It’s funny you mention pregnancy, since my wife and I just found out yesterday we’re expecting our second child! Woo-hoo!!
I’d be very happy knowing I inspired somebody, even if it’s for something like this!

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