Injury, Continue V-Diet?


At the end of week one I had a stupid cycling accident and broke my wrist. This means workouts are not possible in the next time. Should I continue the diet, may e cut down to 4 shakes a day or stop and start again later.

The first week showed good results, I kept to the plan and was feeling ok. This is my 2nd V-Diet so I know I could make it


Cutting out the Surge Recovery may be all you need to do, then maybe 1 scoop of Metabolic Drive from one shake if needed.

Ideally of course, weight training is optimal when doing any kind of diet, but you could still lose fat and preserve muscle by following the V-Diet with minor modifications.

Now, this will turn the V-Diet into a very low carb diet instead of more a moderate carb-cycled plan since you’re losing the carbs from the training drink. But that’s fine in the short term. You may consider adding a big portion of non-wheat carbs such as rice to your HSMs as a light weekly refeed.

Wow, super fast response. Thanks. I really want to keep to the diet, so this is the answer I was hoping for :slight_smile:

Good advice with the rice as well.


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