Injury and the V-Diet


So I am 4 weeks into the V-Diet (today is day 28). Yesterday on my last workout of phase 1 I, like an idiot, dropped a 45lb to the ground which promptly bounced back up and landed on my right big toe. One trip to the emergency room later and I am left with a subungual hematoma and a severely bruised toe (X-rays showed no break). I had to get a hole in the nail to drain the blood. It hurts to put any weight on the foot and I struggle to walk.

I am still going to stick unwaveringly to the diet in terms of HSMs and shakes, but I’m not sure what to do about the workouts and NEPA. I had to skip the V-burn today because it would have been physically impossible. I am set to begin my first workout of the transition week on Tuesday. If it comes down to it would it be OK to do the workouts and omit anything that may but too much pressure on my foot. For example, Tuesday says I should be doing bent over barbell row, overhead squats, dips, and ab wheel. Rowing and dips I feel confident would cause me no trouble. The ab wheel I could either do from me knees or do leg raises or something. However, I am not sure what I would do about the squatting…should I try and find something to swap it with or just omit it all together?

Basically what my question is would it be better to go and do an abbreviated workout than no workout at all? And for the NEPA is there any other suggestions beside walking. Maybe shadow boxing or something? I really don’t want to do nothing workout related during these last 2 weeks and any suggestions at all would be great.



Not much you can do except work around it the best way you can. While not “perfect”, leg extensions and hamstring curls should keep the weight off the toes. Do one-and-a-halves for reps.

Your NEPA idea sounds great.


Thanks for the fast response! I’ll do that until I can walk regularly again.