INJURED! Best Way Forward?


Question is for Chris but would be glad to hear from anyone with training experience.

Today was doing one of the advanced work out and went too heavy on pull ups, I do them weighted with a 25kg plate. I did the 20 but the last few felt a tweak in my shoulder.

Had to stop the Bench Press after 2 or 3 reps as I could feel the shoulder was unstable.

I’m not quite sure which muscle is the problem, feels like one of the ones making up the rotator cuff but hard to tell as I don’t have a background in this.

Anyway point is that from past experience I know I need to let this rest, it doesnt feel too bad but if I continue it will just get worse.

This means no:

  • bench
  • squat (having the bar up on shoulder behind or in front is no good)
  • DL - clearly the shoulder is involved a lot
  • Pull ups
  • Push ups

Basically most of the exercises.

I feel very strong otherwise and about 1/3 of the way through the V diet.

Question is - should I continue and modify my lifts, I could do most of the upper body stuff unilaterally, from what I read, it has some carry over to the side that is not being used, the problem is that this then stops being the V-Diet as the exercises are different.

Or is it better to just stop and start the 4 weeks again - this is something I very much want and need to avoid and is a last resort.

Any suggestions would be great.



Oh forgot to mention…I most likely will only need to stop the exercises i mentioned above for the rest of this week which leaves me with 2 weights session and a V challenge. After that will have to reassess but I think should be good by next week.


I’m sure you can do a “work-around” and find substitute exercises.


I just did a lengthy post about my current injury which is going on over 2 months now. For me it was benching and a very “hot” feeling pain shot through my upper pec, collar bone area near the shoulder. After reading tons of articles and a lot of Eric Cressey articles I figured (kind of) what my issue may be. While it’s very different than your issue it seems that there is one common thread in what causes me good pain (training effect) vs bad pain that really hurts, hurts in the sense you know it just isn’t right!

Eccentric movement. You may want to explore it, however once I removed the eccentric portion of all lifts that caused pain to my area, I have been able to at least do a weighted movement using the same patterns. So, for me the things I can’t do is bench and sadly even bicep curls hurt. The first 4 weeks I recall pretty much everything sucked, back squats, lat pull-downs, everything. Even sleeping hurt.

So I do a lot of weight throwing for chest, like a basketball pass from the chest. I hold a weight between 25lbs and 35lbs and just push outward and throw - I do it at the park as much as I can, so about 5 times a week. While I was feeling out overhead pressing, I did the same thing but pushed the weight upwards, threw it I mean.

For me it seems eccentric movement is really damaging on the muscle, especially if it’s already damaged (duh). Now I can do chest pushes (keeps the patterning good for bench presses) and also bicep curls without the eccentric part. So for biceps I’ll curl up, squeeze as had as I can, then just drop the weight. I do it at the park during my lunch hour but you could do this in front of your home/apartment on a small area of grass.

It’s keeping me in the training effect zone, so my motivation isn’t dying and I still have a “workout” at least 4-6 times a week. Hope that may give you just an idea out of my experience - it sucks royally but you can make progress.