Injured. Alternative to Weights on V-Diet?


Alright, i was planning to start the V-Diet on Monday. Got into a sparring session today against a guy at 115kgs. im 75kg. It got a little heated on his part and ended up with me taking a body shot that fractured one of my ribs.

I came home today, despite that, i tried to at least go through some of the weight lifting motions required. The pain triggers immediately.

What doesnt hurt me at all is cycling on a bike. i cant do hill climbers or anything but i can sit there and cycle as hard as i want without aggravating it.

So i was wondering, if this a possibility on the V diet? i have the freedom for the whole of march and to mid april to be able to train at any time of the day whenever i want. If i cycled every day, maybe 2-3 times a day would that work.

Also i am a complete newbie at cycling. would it be best to do many longer, less intense cycles or higher intensity work.

What i have been thinking is trying to do Mon-Wed-Friday. kind of like a weight work out by jacking the resistence up as high as i can and the off days doing NEPA walks and slower longer cycles. V day challenge i’d try and do a HIIT cycle.

I understand that without the weight training, i am going to lose muscle as well. what i want to know is if there is a way to minimize this as much as possible through some kind of cycling routine as it is my only option and i already have 900$ worth of Biotest shit.

Yeah thats right, 900$-

Biotest sups are insanely expensive in Australia and even if they’re bought cheaper in the US for the amount of Metabolic Drive i’d need it would cost me just as much to ship. i was willing to pay it because i had the cash and was committed to the diet. so as you can imagine i’m pretty frustrated right now and desperate for advice.

Any input would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance,



Is there any way to do the V-Diet at a later time so you can weight train?

It’s not just about the V-Diet plan itself; I hate to see anyone go on any strict fat-loss diet and not be able to resistance train. The results just won’t be as good and the chance of rebound is much higher.


Hmm. i really wanted to do it in march as i had the most time free. but if you think it would be a waste, then i’ll simply move it to a later date. i don’t want to consume all those expensive products if its not going to get me maximum results.

If the V-Diet is out of the question, then i will simply try and do some research and try and get the best results i can out of this month and a bit while cycling. I’ll try and maintain as much muscle as i can until the v diet.

Also, seeing as i am putting the v diet off i will probably add more strength and mass building phases this year b4 the diet.

Any ideas as to what i can do while I have this month and a half off? i have absolutely zero commitments in this time and can devote every minute of the day to a routine.

Tho, sadly, it can only be done on a bike!

Cheers for the response chris, i’ll definately hold off doing the V-Diet until i can weight train then.


Check into the <a href=""target=“new”>100 Gram Carb Cure plan, which is actually a pretty good diet to do in preparation for the V-Diet.

This can help you shed some fat along with the bike work. Keep the protein high and take aminos or MAG-10 right before the more intense bike sessions and you should hang on to your muscle. It doesn’t “go away” quite as quickly as people think.

Best of luck to you. Please keep us posted!


this sounds great.

I’ll do this diet and carb cycle, all the way until i do the V-Diet.

thanks for the reply.

i’ll open a training log.