Infinite Unlimited V-Diet Log

Starting the V-Diet 01/04/2010. Got everything I need, just starting up the log so it’s ready when it’s go time.


First here are some first day measurements.

Height 68.5 in
Weight 182.8
Neck 15 9/16 in
Shoulders 49.5 in
Chest - Upper 42
Chest - Lower 40.25
Waist - at Navel 36.75
Waist - at largest 37.25
Hips - at largest 38
Upper Arm - L 12.75
Upper Arm - R 12.75
Upper Leg - L 23
Upper Leg - R 23
Lower Leg - L 15
Lower Leg - R 15
Ankle - L 8.5
Ankle - R 8.5
Body Fat 13-20% (I’ve got some really wide variations with calipers and several tape measure test so my best guess is that it’s somewhere right in the middle.)

The first day was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I attribute this to what seems to be excellent program design (thanks t-muscle) and general enthusiasm. I hope I can keep it up as the days progress. I woke up and took a HOT-ROX right before a 40 minute NEPA. Even at 6:30 in the morning I was very energetic inside 15 minutes and definitely felt like I worked a little (especially since I was mostly trudging through the snow.)

The shakes were all very good. I’ve been trying to mix it up and have a vanila, then a chocolate, then a mix of the two throughout the day so that no one flavor begins to wear on me.

It was interesting to note some of the weird cravings I got that were not based on hunger at all but more based on me being used to having certain “food rituals” throughout the day like walking past a pizza place I really like and also getting home after work and feeling like I had something important to do in my kitchen but not really being able to pinpoint what it was. Also I was reading some articles today and just the sight of the word BEEF made my head fill with images of steaks and burgers. However, it passed quickly.

I took another HOT-ROX at 12pm and a 3rd one at 6pm. Needless to say I was energetic throughout the whole day. It wasn’t too bad because I react well to stimulants but I definitely felt a little scatter-brained and wanting to do everything at once.

Tomorrow is going to be workout day (I had to adjust to Tue, Thurs, Sat, Sun due to my work schedule.)

I ate really low carb the day before the program just to prep for the transition and the water weight reductions were ridiculous. I was 184 on Sunday Morning. 182.8 this morning. And 181.8 when I got home. I think it was a good choice that I dropped it down to the 178lb level (100 calorie per day reduction.)

So far so good.

Day 2: A Little Harder

Well first off, I woke up and weighed in today at 179.8, which is insane. I either must have been really bloated after the holidays or the program was amazing. Either way. I know it’s probably in my head but I feel and look noticeably lighter - in the sense that I don’t look all puffy. I did a few pulls ups this morning and I could definitely feel like I was coming up a little easier. I know it’s only 5lbs but it’s there. In general I just feel light. No feelings of drowsiness after having a big lunch or dinner or anything like that. Kind of like I’m not carrying around some extra weight inside me (primarily food.) Feels good, the main thing I like about it is that it makes me super-motivated.

Today started rough because I woke up at 6:45 and hit the snooze and rescheduled my NEPA walk to after my work out. This was a mistake and I will explain in a second and I don’t plan on repeating said mistake.

I wanted to space out the four HOT-ROX throughout the day, like every 6 hours as I could, maybe 1, 1, then 2. However, per the label and advice on the forum I decided I’ll just stick to the program and remember that I am not a beautiful and unique snowflake. I popped the first HOT-ROX upon waking up and was energized and bouncy through the morning however around 11am-1pm as it was wearing off I began to crash, get a little depressed and started feeling the hunger. I am planning my shakes like this: 7AM, 1PM, 4PM, 7PM, 10PM. At noon I was feeling like maybe I’ll just have my lunch shake early but decided to stick it out because it seems easier to brave that longer period without food in the morning than in the evening. The shakes every three hours in the latter half of the day are definitely helpful.

I took 2 more HOT-ROX at 5pm and started my workout at 6:15 or 30ish PM. The workout went well but I think I need to concentrate harder on my form and stopping at the correct moment. Here’s what I did, (I’ve only been lifting for about 9 Months, having never lifted before my entire life, so my numbers are not freakish yet.)

Front Squat 135x4,3,3,3,2,2
Chin Up - BWx5,3,3,3,2,2,2
Dumbbell Bench Press - 65x5,4,3,4,3,2
Ab Wheel Rollout - 7,5,4,4

I liked the pace of the workout but I definitely need to get a stop watch and water bottle because I extend some of my breaks strolling leisurely over to the water fountain. Also got caught up once or twice chit-chatting and setting up for the Rollouts. Overall it was good an intense.

Here’s where I kind of messed up slightly: I drank my Surge Recovery shake AFTER lifting but BEFORE doing my NEPA on the treadmill. What I realized is that I was probably using the carbs in the shake to fuel my walk as opposed to feed my muscles. And simultaneously not burning as much fat as I just had a healthy dose of carbs. So, as mentioned above, the NEPAs are being permanently relocated to the morning.

Treadmill: 4mph x 3degree Incline x 30 minutes = 2 miles. I checked my heart rate on the thing and it peaked around 120 and I was sweating but not breathing hard. I think that’s the point right? Either way walking outside is way more fun, the treadmill makes my legs and brains ache.

Overall, the cravings were minimal today. However, after the gym I had this pleasent fantasy about coming home, having dinner, and watching Sons of Anarchy. Then felt a wave of disappointment as I realized that the dinner part was not happening. Oh well, it’s well worth it.

Oh and only 40 more days to go til I can drink again.

DAY 3: 179.8 this morning.

Today was a lot smoother, I think I’m getting the hang of this thing. A lot less cravings.

I went to see Avatar today and found it incredibly easy to resist the popcorn and junk food and was very surprised that I could sit through 3 hours of movie with just a bottle of water. The dopeness of the movie helped.

Tomorrow is workout day, I’m amped. This Waterbury stuff really works! I’ve read about it but never actually tried it until yesterday, great stuff!

Bed time shake and bed, I’ll report back tomorrow.

DAY 4 and 5: Kickin’ Ass

Doing real well but I didn’t have time to post yesterday cause I had a bunch of stuff to do after work and lifting. I don’t have much time so just a brief synopsis.

Workouts are going really well, I’m using a slightly lighter weight than I would normally use (as instructed) so I can really focus on explosiveness and speed. Also I am beginning to get the hang of stopping at the first rep that I feel getting slower. I like this approach. I feel sore but it’s maybe slightly different? Not sure. Either way, I know it’s working. And I’m sweating my ass off the whole time so I guess it’s working.

Last night after having my postworkout, dinner, and bedtime shake all within about a 4 hour period I felt stuffed and super sleepy before bed. I’ve had no trouble sleeping on this diet at all, to the contrary, I feel like I sleep much sounder. Been getting up every morning for about a 30-40 minute walk. It’s damn cold right here (I’m in Massachusetts) and popping 2 HOT-ROX definitely helps me motivate in the morning.

I really don’t have cravings during the day, definitely not as a result of hunger any longer. I think I’ve adjusted to the schedule and I really only get hungry around the time that I have shakes. However, I still feel situational urges like at a convenience store that has these roasted peanuts I always get. Not even close to breaking down but I feel the itch to eat.

I had my HSM today! I was looking forward to that. I went to Whole Foods and got a 7oz piece of tenderloin, spinach salad w/ tomato, cucumber, carrot, green beans, and peppers, broccoli, squash, black beans, and banana for dessert. It seems like a lot of food but it was really only a plate full + the salad. I had to get some other stuff for my daughter and everything in the store was glowing but I just told myself that I can come back and get anything I want in just a few short weeks so it went away. Came home and ate my meal and it was very good and definitely prepared me for the following week.

I looked in the mirror and definitely noticing that my stomach has gotten smaller and my shoulders look a little more defined but once again I think this might be just the water loss. I am not going to be able to do NEPA tomorrow or lift but I am hoping that running around and playing with my daughter will make up for the NEPA. The 3rd lifting session of the week has to be moved to sunday, that means the v-burn is getting moved to monday, followed by lifting on tuesday. Unfortunately this removes the day I need of rest somewhere in there but whatever, I know it won’t kill me and I half to adapt accordingly. There’s no way I’m skipping any of them so we’ll see.

Can’t wait for my 1 week measurements. This is the only way to diet.

If I were you I wouldn’t even do the one week measurements. I would rather see the HUGE difference after all 4 weeks.

Just started reading this thread and I really like your writing style Infinite, it reads very nicely! It sounds like you are very committed to this so I’m keen to see how good your results are.

I’ll be starting my V diet myself in the next few days as well, my supps are still shipping (all the way to Sydney, Australia).

DAY 6: "Losing weight, gaining other things . . . "

I feel zonked right now. So I have to write while I am still hanging on.

Thank you for the positive feedback, people. It’s crazy motivation for me knowing that someone is reading my posts, feels like I have people in my corner. I appreciate it.

Just as a side note, I’ve been reading old T-Muscle articles; the stuff on here is pure genius. I have to say that they really do hit all the angles and are always reaching for different expertise and insight into all areas of body. Does anyone notice the similarities between what Waterbury (Huge in a Hurry), CT (Perfect Rep), and Pavel Tsatsouline (whenever those “Evil Russian Speaks” articles were released) are saying? I mean it’s striking and I feel like it means like this is the way to go. This is what I’m hearing (and making the foundation of all my future training): Low Reps, Heavy Weights, DO NOT FAIL, Central Nervous System Stimulation not Eradication, Auto-Regulate, Auto-Regulate, Auto-Regulate, Explosive and/or Each Rep Quality and Strong.

Yes, I am understanding it and feeling it in a big way. I have been doing Waterbury’s stuff this last week. I love it. I tried some of the “perfect rep” stuff a couple of times (not seriously mind you.) I just tried the approach but I loved how it felt, like I mentioned earlier; it was a different type of attack. I also have done Tsatsouline’s “Enter the Kettlebell” and done the ladders. That’s what really brought it together for me. Doing sets like this 1 rep set (30 sec rest) 2 rep set (30 sec rest) 3 rep set (30 sec rest.) Then repeat that little number 5 times. I was doing these alternating clean and presses with a 20kg kettlebell and immediately after the clean and presses doing pullups with the same rep scheme. When I say immediately, I mean I’d do the C&P set and immediately do the Pullup set. Antagonistic style I believe they call it?

Either way, I say this is the only way to train. I’m kind of giddy with anticipation because ideally I want to train every day - twice a day if I had the time. Damn my stupid life having self!

Ok, I fucking digress.

Anyway. Today was good. I had my daughter all day with me so I had no NEPA and no workout and I mentioned that before. I had my shakes and my 2 HOT-ROX twice a day. I was chasing a 3 year old around all day long so I think that might have made up for the NEPA. I was 179.8 this morning again (that number haunts me.) However, last night before my HSM I was 179, so I think once everything moves through me by the time I do the one week weigh in I’ll be glad with what I got. I think even tomorrow I should be gladder.

Here is where I had some real great realizations today: I took my kid to see my grandma (her great grandma) as I do every few weeks. Now, I have always known that whenever I go over to my dear granny’s house I am fed, and fed plenty, and tend to just stuff my face. However, what the V-Diet will teach you is that these types of food-binging mental associations only become apparent when you cannot indulge them. As I could not today. Just walking into that place was an assault on my willpower. I am happy to report that I did not falter nor did I fail. All in all today was a double whammy. My daughter has the eating habits of, well, a three year old. As in the five food groups are “pizza, grilled cheese, cookies, chocolate milk, and juice.” I am not kidding, I hate it but I am not the one that got her on this fine little diet. I am trying my hardest to change these habits but you try reasoning with a person that learned the word “no” less than a year ago. Needless to say she is still a little fond of the idea of resisting anything just for the sake of resisting. The whole point is that while fixing her food and when she doesn’t finish her food my customary approach is to take a few bites, dust off whatever she doesn’t dust off, so that usually in a given weekend I’ve eaten a lot of half-slices of pizza and half-sandwiches of grilled cheese. Today, I had to sit and watch her not eat the grilled chicken and mashed potatoes I made for her while having my grandmother offer me delicious Russian comfort food that I have eaten since I was a child - it was straight maddening. But maddening in that good way where I was kind of chuckling inside and saying to myself "You crazy bastard, you’re doing this just so you can be like “Hey look at me and my big will power.” Well whatever, that may be the reason but regardless it felt great overcoming the challenge. I drank a cup of tea with no sugar. Had my shake at 4 and kept it moving.

What it did teach me is that in reality this thing is not difficult at all if you draw the line in the sand and understand that there is no crossing back over it. Once you made a decision to stand on this side you either stand there or just kick the rules you made back into random grains laying about. You either believe in what you are doing or don’t do it. You can’t half ass this, not because you might not lose that extra pound or what not but because you are not getting the point, accepting the challenge, and making the change. There is a quiet zen pan flute blowing through the snowy mountains quality to this thing. The simplicity is beautiful, everything is timed and schedule: it’s just you vs. your willpower and your food addiction. You know you are strong enough to beat it, the thing is that you have to be man enough to fight.

Once again, at night I feel literally stuffed from the last two shakes. I guess that is a good thing. I keep rechecking the V-Diet menu to make sure that I am not overdoing it on the evening shakes. It seems that I am sticking to plan and I’m feeling good.

Tomorrow I am doing the 3rd workout of week 1, and I will have to go back on my promise not to do NEPA at any other time but the morning. Once again my schedule is forcing me to lift, then NEPA. This time I will save the shake for the end.

Ok, bed time.

DAY 7: 25% Completion

Nice, another day down. I went and bought a cheapo digital wristwatch with a stopwatch in it and a water bottle. This way I could start my rest period timing as soon as I finish the set and not stretch out any breaks taking leisurely strolls to the water fountain. It made things a lot more intense and I really felt like I was in the zone. I don’t have my training log handy but my weights were as follows.

Deadlift 155
Decline Dumbbell Bench 55
Lat Pull Down 160
Walkouts BW (Obviously.)

I felt like it was a little light because my reps were staying consistently at or around 8 and I’m planning to step it up next week because my intensity, explosiveness, and speed were good I felt but I think I could push myself harder as far as weight. We’ll see on Tuesday.

I did 35 minutes on the treadmill at 3degrees 4mph. Kept checking my heartrate and it was sitting at 120, apparently in prime fat burning mode. Probably, in a certain sense, it’s good to do the NEPA after the exercise 'cause your body is primed by the fast paced lifting and the walking is probably all fat burning icing on the cake.

Hmm . . . cake. No cravings for cake today. However, crackers (which I don’t even eat, but for the crunch), hummus, and soup. Yes that sounded real nice today. Especially towards the evening when I was lounging around watching TV, it’s depressing how depressed I can get if I don’t have my snack to reward/accompany my relaxation time. Whatever, I drank my green tea and sucked it up.

I’m going to try to step the NEPAs up to 45 minutes, or as close to it as possible, for week 2. If my schedule allowed it I’d do an hour but work, school, and sleep kind of make time a scarce commodity. I’m just going to get up earlier and go to sleep a little earlier. I find that my mood is REALLY fucked up if I don’t get my 7 hours.

I also really wanted a glass of wine or a vodka on the rocks today. It’s not that I’m some raging alcoholic but I do have a single drink probably 2 - 4 days out of the week on average. And I definitely have a couple more than that atleast one night out of the weekend. It felt really good going to the gym on a Sunday morning, not feeling sluggish from a hang over, and not feeling stuffed from some ridiculous breakfast I ate to fight said hangover. That was my little reward and validation for the day. Also, it’s amazing how I used to think I needed to eat a lot of carbs to really push myself in the gym. On what amounts to be, pretty much, an empty stomach - today, I kicked ass in there.

Overall, feeling good and doing good and looking good. Just had my bedtime shake, so time to rest up before the arctic stroll I have to take at 6:20am. Woo fucking hoo.

How’s your progress visually? Have you taken pics? Even if you don’t post them, have you noticed your problem areas improving?

Day 8: 178.4

So that’s one week down and I’ve lost 4.4lbs since starting. That’s not counting the 2 I dropped in the 48 hours prior to starting. I’d say that’s not too bad. I think it’s actually more - for reasons I don’t want to go into too much detail about. Let’s say I might ‘drop’ another pound or two any day now.

I didn’t want to take pics after just one week but I broke down and did it today because people asked and I’ll post them up later once I see some major changes. I definitely notice a difference around my love handle areas and I notice a big difference in the mirror. Once again, it might be psychological because it doesn’t seem to be as dramatic as in the pictures. However, realistically you can only burn so much fat in a single week. Even if it feels like an eternity. Bottomline, I’m feeling good about it.

Today, was fine, I have class 9-4 this week so it blows by, I don’t even think about food. The evening went quick too because I had 2 HOT-ROX and did my V-Burn Challenge right after, and I was so zonked and wired after that food or shakes were just an after thought.

I completed 6 circuits of the V-Burn in 28:05. I think I can do much faster next time because I was checking the exercise list and had to crack a window in the house and get a glass of water after circuit one. I probably lost about 30 seconds there. I am kind of sore from lifting yesterday and I have to lift tomorrow because my schedule was thrown off track so I don’t know how that’s going to be, but we’ll push through it.

The two strange things that occurred today was a lot of nausea in the morning, not too intense but I definitely felt it. I think I’m just getting tired of the flavors of the shakes (even though i have all 4 flavors and i mix and match) and definitely cannot stand the flaxseed. Once again, we’ll push through this one as well. Also! This was really strange but I got the worst heartburn after my midafternoon shake at 4pm and HOT-ROX at 5pm. Not sure what the cause was, but I don’t understand how that’s possible. Anyone have any ideas?

I am feeling very good about how disciplined I’m being and am pleasantly surprised at how different my life feels when I am not eating and drinking booze. I feel stronger and more focused and more relaxed (even though I’m popping 4 HOT-ROX a day - I handle stimulants very well.) Overall good stuff. I’m actually going to be able to get to bed early tonight and get up early for my walk. Going for 45 to 60 minutes tomorrow. Today I made the mistake of wearing a slightly lighter jacket than usual cause I felt it would help me walk faster but that did not help since it was 17 degrees F outside this morning. I wasn’t able to get warm the whole time but I still managed to do 35 minutes.

Hit back tomorrow.

DAY 9: 177.4

Another day done and done. I think the HOT-ROX is making me forgetful or something, the days are kind of blurring by and I’m making little errors here and there and it’s kind of ticking me off. It’s kind of to be expected from stimulants, you’re kind of moving too fast to focus on the details sometimes. It’s definitely working well, my love handles are noticeably smaller and I noticed that my shoulders look more rounded and defined. In general, I think it’s working.

Couldn’t get out of bed to go into the 15 degree weatber this morning, going to get to bed earlier tonight so I can walk on regular ground as opposed to the treadmill. Not being able to auto regulate my speed and actually move forward is irritating and boring. However, I will not miss my NEPA no matter the case.

Went to the gym today and blazed through the workout, however I think from doing a workout, v-burn challenge, then another work-out right after definitely left me a little weak. I wanted to step the weight up this week but with the shortened rest periods I couldn’t do it. So work out as follows (oh and the weights were really dragging today - all my big “keep it explosive” talk went right out the window today, but I powered through.)

Front Squat 135x4,3,3,3,3,2,2
Chin Up BWx4,3,3,3,2,2,2,1
DB Bench Press 65x4,4,3,3,2,2,2
Ab Wheel Rollout 7,7,6

  • NEPA 40min X 4mph X 3 degree Incline

The intensity was there and I kept my breaks to a strick 25 seconds. I’m actually already feeling some soreness in my lats and biceps only three hours later, which is strange. Although, the chin ups were the most explosive I’ve done. I’m definitely feeling the, now approaching, 10lb or so difference.

I really can’t stand the flavors of the shakes. The only one’s today that I even vaguely enjoyed were the vanilla+strawberry I had for lunch and the vanilla+PB I will have at bedtime (I foresee). The flaxseed is starting to make nauseous every time. Whatever.

I opened the fridge today and saw a pack of chicken hot dogs (my kid’s food) and I almost bit it through the plastic. I had to remind myself that there are several reasons not to do that.

I am amped about the whole thing though because it’s the end of day 9 and I’m 7lbs down. I’m thinking a full 10, possibly 12 is not unrealistic at this point. I am slowly pushing my NEPAs up to 60 minutes as schedule will allow it to counteract the most likely slowing metabolism/fatloss I will experience in the upcoming weeks. I can’t wait for Friday night relaxation and grass fed tenderloin + salad + vegetables. I think I’m going to have some Watermelon for dessert.

DAY 10 and 11: 176lb.

Just going to post quickly 'cause I’m tired but I just wanted to update.

Everything is going according to plan. I’ve been mixing the strawberry and banana Metabolic Drives for when I have to drink the breakfast and dinner shake with the flaxseed and it’s neutralizing the taste. I’m definitely ready for my HSM tomorrow.

Looking noticeably lighter. Today I was feeling very energetic after the gym. I’m amazed at how much easier the pullups have gotten. I can’t exactly do more of them but now the ones I can do I really get up there. Chest to the bar, chin a mile above it. Feels good!

Did my workout - don’t have my log handy for the reps but here’s the weight

Reverse Lunge 75lb Barbell on shoulders
Barbell Row 140lb
Push Press 115lb
Barbell Curl 65lb.
Reverse Crunches on Slant Board.

Strict breaks, very intense, felt great. Kept doing single and double pull ups all evening as I walked past where I have the bar hanging in my house just 'cause they felt so good and easy. Did about 20 or so over the course of an hour. Don’t want to burn myself out.

I’ve moved my walks up to 40 to 50 minutes. I’m aiming for an hour but it just doesn’t fit into my schedule.

Looking skinny and defined and V-ed up today at the gym. Atleast in my own biased eyes.

Hit back tomorrow.

DAY 12: A little bit of trouble . . .

Here was my HSM. Roasted potatoes. Green Beans. Grass Fed Organic Antibiotic Free 8oz Filet Mignon. Thank god for Whole Foods. I know, I know - I went a little heavy on the potatoes. And because I am all about the full disclosure I also had 3 Jalapeno poppers. I know it’s a violation and this is not supposed to be a cheat meal but the food was taking a while to cook and when someone is hold a plate of those bad boys in front of your hungry face - well let’s just say it’s a little difficult.

What truly makes it difficult is that you’ve put yourself in the mindstate that you are going to eat, so it’s like you’ve lifted the castle gates and now the armies can storm in. Whatever, a couple hundred calories won’t destroy me. Atleast, I didn’t cheat during a regular day but around my HSM. In my defense, I walked for a solid 60 minutes today in my Timberlands, up and down hills mostly on soft melting snow. I also did about 30 pullups and 50 pushups while I was cooking my food. I probably shouldn’t have done that but I need to occupy myself.

My friends are drinking wine and have all kinds of crackers and junk in their cupboards calling my name.

I need to do something to counter my hunger. For some reasons pullups are the best medicine these days.

Otherwise everything went lovely. I still have to have my bedtime shake when I go home and I am keeping it together. I am ready for another week til my HSM and another 16 days of V-Diet before the transition phase. I was 176 but I’m sure I’ll jump back up a pound before all this extra food weight moves through me. I also had some Watermelon pieces and a small salada with a drop of olive oil. So let’s just say my HSM today was very solid.

The only thing that was weird today was that I popped my HOT-ROX around 4:20PM and went for my walk at 5PM. I was feeling really weird and crazy while I was walking. The walk was in the dark. When I came back home something about the light made me have weird sun spots in my vision and inability to focus my eyes for about an hour. I had to drive after my walk so it was really disorienting. I started having a really bad headache and at one point my ears started ringing really bad for about 30 seconds. It was very strange. Who knows.

Anyway, tomorrow is workout day followed by an hour on the treadmill + extra running around with my three year old. Hopefully there’s something good on the TV.

DAY 13 and 14: 50% Completion . . . It’s all downhill from here.

Everything is going well. Kind of struggling and kind of feeling nuts from the stimulants, lack of food and alcohol. But keeping it together.

No time to write today, just wanted to post the following:

V-Challenge today in 23:31 (6 Circuits) That’s 4 and a 1/2 minute improvement from last week! I decided to do it at the gym and it was moving a little bit better because I had the mirror in there and that motivated me. Also the floor in there is better than the carpeting in my apartment for the deadlifts, clap pushups, and jump squats.

Yesterday’s Workout: (Strict 40 second rest)
Deadlift 165x8,6,6,6,5,5,4
Decline DB Bench 55x8,6,6,5,5,4,3,3
Lat Pull-down 170x8,8,6,6,5,4,3
Hand Walkout 10,10,10,10

Going to weigh in tomorrow. See how the weekend treated me. Can’t wait to blaze the next two weeks and transition.

Day 15-23: Still at it!

I just wanted to post that I didn’t fall off, I’m still at it. Good workouts, strict to the diet, good HSM last friday, good Nepa. Going to post results next Monday and thoughts about transition and etc.

I’ve just been too busy to post but I’m 100% devoted and focused. I’ll post before and after when I’m done as well.

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