Infected Before / After



Lost : 16 pounds
From 199.76 to 183.7

I find that the changes are more visible in the mirror than on the picture.
I mean there is an obvious difference, but i look fatter than i really am.
However, i am still fat anyway.

Here are the numbers in centimeters. Sorry i am a frog hunter (french), too lazy to convert.

High belly: 101.5 cm --> 91 (-10.5 cm)
navel: 101.5 cm --> 93 (-8.5 cm)
below navel: 99.5 cm --> 93 (-6.5 cm)
Neck: 40.5 cm --> 39.8 (-0.7 cm)
Shoulders: 128.5 cm --> 124 cm (-4.5 cm)
high chest: 116 cm --> 109 cm (-5 cm)
lower chest: 111 cm --> 107 cm (-4cm)
Right Arm: 36.5 cm --> 36 (-0.5 cm)
Left arm: 36.5 cm --> 36 (-0.5 cm)
Hips: 93 cm --> 90 (-3 cm)
Right leg: 61 cm -> 58 cm (-3cm)
left leg: 59 cm -> 56 cm (-3cm)

Left leg is lagging :confused:

V-Diet Log Infected

face compare


I will post more if i can find the before back.
Maybe i will post one after training, this was taken at wake up time, all flat and ugly :slight_smile:


Now more important thing than my shitty shapes: health

I used to have cholesterol and triglycerides.
the day after my last HSM, i did blood test and i received the results


Before: 1.96 g / L (2.26 mmol / L)
After: 0.65 g /L (0.73 mmol/L)

This is HUGE reduction !!!

Total cholesterol:

Before: 2.58 g / L (6.68 mmol / L)
After: 1.65 g / L (4.27 mmol / L)

Again, huge reduction, i am in the healthy zone

My HDL is still a bit low, but higher than before:

From 0.39 g/L to 0.41 g/L

My LDL decreased a lot:
Before: 1.80 g/L (4.64 mmol / L)
After: 1.11 g/L (2.86 mmol / L )

Very big reduction of LDL :slight_smile:

All the rest of my blood test is within the good ranges.

My creatinine lowered a bit, it is in good range too.

For those who believe the V-diet could be bad for their health, it is not! It is very GOOD :slight_smile:


I will post more in two weeks, after the transition is done


Awesome. Major difference in belly area!


[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
Awesome. Major difference in belly area! [/quote]

Thanks Chris! For sure, my belly changed. That’s a start, now i want it flat, and i want to see abs.
I think i haven’t seen my abs for 20 years :confused:

I added one after training, didn’t really pump, but different light.


Wow, c’est magnifique! Nice work and excellent job on improving your cholesterol!!


Oh i missed that one ! Thanks man :slight_smile:

Some news, didn’t measure it all yet. i only care of where i have the most fat or saw a difference.
Everything is on the belly… funny upper belly is melting much faster than the lower/navel part.

High belly: 101.5 cm --> 87 cm (-14.5 cm -5.7inch )
navel: 101.5 cm --> 91 (-10.5 cm)
below navel: 99.5 cm --> 90 (-9.5 cm)
Neck: 40.5 cm --> 38.5 (-2 cm getting close to an inch… wow!)

Total loss so far and i am eating carbs 4 days a week :slight_smile: 18.2 pounds :slight_smile:


A recent update.
There is not so much change, i am about -5 pounds on the last picture, compared to november.
I mostly stabilized the loss and added carbs back to diet.
However, i am eating a lot more carbs and i am much stronger right now. I started strenght training.

I admit i stopped NEPA after the V-Diet, which probably is a reason of not so much fat loss afterwards. I am still under the weight i had after the end of the V-Diet, and i eat up to 350g of carbs on training days (with Indigo-3G)

So, stabilized, stronger, but i look not so different :frowning:


side… which is still pretty awful


legs in december (contracted)


back in january


That’s it… much better than before the V-Diet nonetheless.
I will post an update in March


Great work. Detailed log too. Thank you for sharing.


you are welcome! The actual diet log is more detailed, on the daily basis during the V-Diet.
Still working hard, but i think i am getting fat… i eat clean and everything, maybe it is the creatine that is bloating me… I don’t know :frowning:


Stay at it man… Dont give up… really focus on your diet… Thats where its all about!!! Keep it super clean and keep those carbs down and work hard and you will see the results you want!
Great work so far!


Ooo i missed that message, Sorry!
Thanks for your kind words, i am keeping training and diet in check…
Here is a recent picture, When i compare to the first pictures, it is clear that i am on the good way…
When progress slows down, i will do a short V-diet cycle, probably around a week, except i will use Plazma for training.