Indigo with Finibar

Any issue taking Indigo with a Finibar or this protocol?
00:30, Indigo/Finibar/AlphaGPC/BrainCandy
00:00, 3 doses of Plazma through the workout
Post, 2 doses of MAG-10

I know I can take Indigo with the Plazma, but its more convenient to take it before I get in the gym (less to carry).

<a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G is best used about 30 minutes before eating anything solid, though it can be taken at the same time as a pre-load serving of <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma. Brain Candy is also best used on an “empty” stomach, though that phrase mainly just means to take it before putting a lot of food in your belly since morning is probably the only time our stomachs are truly empty. Brain Candy will still do its thing, but it may take longer to feel or kick in when taken with solid food. Some people more sensitive to stimulants take it with food just to slow down the energy rush a bit.

So you could take Indigo-3G, Brain Candy, and Alpha GPC first, then have the Finibar about 20-30 minutes later.

Unless the Finibar is your breakfast, then you may not need it at this time. A pre-load serving of Plazma plus two more during training and Mag-10 after has you very well covered.

And for Indigo-3G users, you can really have a Finibar anytime. I often have one an hour or two after training for convenience, or just have one for breakfast when I may not be training for a few hours. I’ve personally found that about an hour pre-training is the sweet spot for Finibars when used as part of the peri-workout protocol.

And remember that a single serving of Indigo-3G is “in you” for at least 6 hours, so you can train any time in that window and still get the effects.

Maybe some of that info help you loosen up your schedule.

Thank you Chris for the feedback, always helpful.

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