Indigo w/ No Carbs

I’ve been taking Indigo for a while (several months), 6 capsules / day per instructions on the bottle. But I’m now doing Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fat Loss diet for the next 12 days, so will be eating virtually zero carbs most days.

Is there any reason to continue with Indigo during this time? I could drop the dose to 4 or 2 pills / day I guess, but if it isn’t really beneficial I’d rather not waste the pills.

It would still be acting to reduce adipose inflammation, and I think you’d be ahead of the game somewhat for having continued to use it during this period. But it would also be a completely reasonable decision to take a break at this time: you won’t lose the cumulative effect you’ve already created.

Thanks for the response. I think I’ll just drop dosage to 2 pills / day, and bump it up to 4 or 6 right before the weekly cheat meal. Does that sound good?

I would use a minimum of 4 even where using half as many days as if using two (in other words, same total number of capsules per month.)

So 4 capsules every other day?

That would be good as a reduced-usage plan.

Thanks for your help!

You’re very welcome!

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