Indigo Usage When Morning Training

How can this best be used if i train first thing in morning?
I usually have some black coffee with Metabolic Drive and BCAAs and train 15 to 20 mins later.

For morning lifters, I often recommend the “wake 'n take” method. Take Indigo-3G upon waking, as in it’s sitting beside the bed with a bottle of water ready to go. That should give it enough to time to “get in you” given the fasted state and very empty stomach.

But honesty, have you considered upgrading your workout nutrition? Surge Workout Fuel or Plazma? Far superior to a protein shake and BCAAs. TC has a great article on that here:

These would also work much better with Indigo-3G.

Thanks Chris. Will try the Surge Workout Fuel first thing on waking.

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