Indigo, Timings and Chlorogenic Acid

Is there any interaction between Indigo and Chlorogenic Acid?

I have a doubt about the Indigo’s mechanism:

If I take a dose which it last around 4-6 hours, once it is in the system working and I put, for instance, green tea extract 3 hours after take it, such introduction inhibits all the cascade has been initiated by Indigo?

12:00 - 6 Indigo
13:00 - meal 1 with cho
19:00 - meal 2 with cho plus green tea extract/superfood/lemon

In the second meal would I lose the benefits? or the loses start if you take almost together indigo and antioxidants?

And last but not least, what about 2 consecutive doses in this case:

15:00 - 6 indigo
15:30 - 1 finibar
17:00 - 1/3 Plazma
17:15 - Training 2/3 Plazma
19:30 - Training done
20:00 - Mag10 Pulse
21:00 - High Carb Meal 1
00:00 - High Carb Meal 2

Could I put another dose of Indigo around 20:30 for optimize the next meals?


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