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I have purchased my first lot of Indigo (6 x 90). I have read a lot of threads in relation to it but would appreciate some guidance.

I am a FFB and generally quite carb phobic. My plan is to get from 180lbs at 12%BF to around 168lbs without losing lean mass. I am active usually training up to 6 days a week, with martial arts training and weights, when fully fit. Since body comp is my goal, I am keen on a pulse feast style plan (which I do from time to time quite well) and consuming my carbs (and Indigo) around the workout period in the early evening.

I’m also considering taking the lower dosage (x 4 caps) pre-workout. This would ensure my supply lasts 135 days, or 4.5 months. Depending on diet progress, I would hope to start trying to build some lean mass once I’m happy with BF levels and before the Indigo is exhausted.

I’m seeking advice on this strategy, and particularly whether it would be optimum to up the dose at the expense of the duration? Also a recommended starting CHO (I’m thinking 200g)?

I would prefer the higher dose even granting that this is shorter duration.

A point about Indigo-3G that has never really been addressed as much as it should be is the effect on gene expression. That’s probably because that’s hard to write about, though I’m planning on an article in that general area.

What I mean by this, at the risk of seeming to sidetrack totally from your question, is that it’s not simply the DNA code that you’re born with. That says what materials can be made by the cells, but not how much will be made on an ongoing basis or in response to various stimuli or inputs. How much gets produced is gene expression, and that changes with time and according to what you’re exposed to.

By setpoint, below, I mean where the body tends rather strongly to stay, where modest changes in exercise and diet have little effect in moving the body, and to which the body would rapidly return with what should be normal caloric intake and exercise.

At one point an individual might have a setpoint of easily staying lean despite not exercising much and taking little care with quality or amount of food, but at another point tend to stay substantially fat despite taking much more care in diet and exercising more. An individual might at one point have a setpoint of having only say 150 lb LBM, and then at a later time, 180 lb LBM. At the risk of making personal examples, Chris Shugart once had a setpoint of being much fatter than now, and even after much improvement there, had a further change in setpoint with regard to carb tolerance and ability to easily stay lean.

All this is from changes in gene expression.

This is different than changing the inputs or stimuli to the body at the moment, as for example ephedrine might do, or caffeine, etc, or providing good or bad substrates for the body to use. Not much in the supplement area affects gene expression.

Indigo-3G does, in quite a few regards. This is the fundamental reason why it typically has lasting effects even after discontinuance. It’s not simply signaling the body, in the day of use, to activate a pathway more at that time.

Especially when being as you say a FFB, I’d rather be positive of effecting this change thoroughly, hence favoring the higher dose.

Given all your activity, 200 g carbs sounds a good level.

Thanks Bill, makes sense.

[quote]JamesBrawn007 wrote:
I am a FFB and generally quite carb phobic.[/quote]
That’s a pretty common scenario to folks new to Indigo. Shugart, the FFB OG himself, was in that exact same situation and basically resolved it with hard training, Indigo-3G, and plenty of smart/strategic carbs.

I just took a quick look at your log. Glad to see you’re getting over your arm injury, but do make sure your weight training is for building muscle, not just “cardio with weights.” Between your martial arts practice and conditioning, you’re doing a lot of activity, so your muscles need a reason to “stick around”. Heavier basic lifting would do that. You don’t want to be doing long krav maga practice and bag work/conditioning and complexes/conditioning work with rings and KBs.

Like Bill said, the higher dose would likely be more beneficial for your situation. When you take Indigo pre-workout, it’s still doing its job for hours and hour afterward. With something like the pulse feast, where you’re having all your carbs in a relatively short amount of time, I’d definitely want to make sure the higher dose of Indigo is available to do all the work you need done.

At your size and activity, I’d say that’s on the low end for sure. This article should help you sort out a nutrition approach:

Chris, thanks for taking the time to scan my log and providing those links. The solid advice is appreciated.

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