Indigo Right Before Meal

So I just recently started using Indigo so they’re not quite worked into my schedule yet. One thing I’ve had a problem with is taking them 30-45 before a meal. I always forget until I’m about to sit down and eat.

My question is whether it’s worth taking them that close to the meal??

I’m sure it’ll become more routine but for now I’m just not used to having to take them.

Thanks for the help.

For best results, take <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G about 30 minutes before the meal. But it’s not going NOT work if you take it 5-10 minutes before, just works best 30 minutes pre meal or pre workout nutrition. You’ll get used to the timing in a couple of days. One trick is to keep your bottle somewhere visible rather than stored away. Keeps it fresh on your mind.

Awesome, thanks for the reply.

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