Indigo Question/Suggestions

I’ve read the reviews and expecatations for using Indigo and want to think it’s what I need. You might think otherwise.

I’m 6’, 216lbs., 11% BF, I lift 5 plus days a week, I’ve been on .5cc injectible test for 26 months, I’m told I look “buff”, but I have what seems to be unmovable bodyfat on lower abdomen and lower back. The reviews make it sound like Indigo might be what I need. I’m 63 years old.

Is Indigo a stimulant?

Your suggestions?

<a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G is not a stimulant.

This should be the perfect choice for you and your goals.

If it works as reviewed, I’ll be its #1 fan!
Is 2 months worth enough for the fat to go away, or is this a “from now on” thing?

Everyone is a bit different, but two months is a solid run.

Indigo fixes fat cells. It has bot a rapid effect and a medium/longer term on the fat cells.

The rapid one is that it reduces fat cell inflammation/water retention. And the long term one is a reduced fat storage by making the fat cells communicate better as well as making the muscles more sensitive to insulin (so you store more in muscles and less in fat).

Now, some people have a profound “rapid effect”. This is seen in people who have a high level of fat cell inflammation. I was like that… I lost 10lbs within the first 8 days of using INDIGO for the first time. My wife on the other hand didn’t have that rapid loss but after 14 days she started to have good body comp changes and after a month she had a significant recomp effect. She obviously had less fat cell inflammation that I did.

Two months is enough to see very significant body comp changes as well as improve health.

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