Indigo Question/Recommendation

So I decided to give Indigo a shot and have been taking it now for a few weeks and don’t feel or notice anything. Is it something that can take a while to build up or should I start noticing/feeling the effects right away?

Currently, I’m taking it 6 tabs on training days as recommended. I’m currently carb cycling and try eat eat as little carbs on non-training days. On training days I eat carbs, and I’ve actually started eating more carbs as is the recommendation. But I don’t notice anything different. Should I be doing something different? Any recommendation?

My current training goals are to drop weight/fat while trying to up strength. I’ve found that I can only take my strength so far going low carb, so this is an experiment in trying to up strength while dieting down. I appreciate all the help and advice in advance!

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Is it something that can take a while to build up or should I start noticing/feeling the effects right away?[/quote]
Like I mentioned in the other thread, it’s not really a supplement that you “feel” working. It does it’s job differently and it’ll express results primarily by body comp changes over time. That’s why objective progress trackers like measurements or photos (every week or two in the same conditions/lighting/poses/clothes) are incredibly useful.

Carb cycling can work great, but this plan from Paul Carter is designed pretty much exactly for what you’re looking to do. Moderate-to-high-ish, consistent carb intake will fuel hard training and will let Indigo do its job most efficiently.

What’s your current height, weight, and general fat level?

Thanks for that link…interesting read. I never thought increasing the training days, but that would certainly be one of allowing for greater carb intake per week while taking Indigo-3G. Normally when I try and cut, less training days per week and adding more conditioning days has worked to a point, but this could be a new strategy to try out provided I can fit it into my life schedule.

Currently I’m 6"3’, 340, and 28-30% BF. I’m not looking to get shredded, just looking to drop down to 275-285 while keeping my strength and compete at that body weight. I can drop the weight, but my strength goes with it and I’d like to keep the strength and shed the weight.

All that said, today I weighed in and actually dropped a couple pounds which is good because I’ve been eating twice as many carbs on my carb days as I had before. I’m definitely going to give this a thorough try and I’m really hoping this can be the key to helping the cut and keeping the strength.

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