Indigo, Plazma and Micro PA in Cutting Diet?

I’m currently putting together a cutting diet. Im at a point in my life where i realized i dont wanna compete, nor do i wanna be that big fucking jacked guy that iv been training to try and be. I put up a thread the other day about bodybuilding and 5/3/1, but iv realized i no longer wanna bodybuild.

To put it in simple terms, i wanna be strong and “ripped” as the cool kids say. I weigh 250, and am 6 feet tall, so i feel like i can look the part once i cut down.

Where im going with this is 1) I really have no idea how to eat to burn fat/cut.Is there a certain diet type i can follow? 2)iv been using Indigo, Plazma and Micro PA for the bodybuilding part, can i still use them for the cutting phase? im in love with those 3 and breaking up with them would be heartbreaking

  1. We have dozens of diet articles in the archives to choose from. Just use the search area and the drop down menu in the articles section. Look for the diet related tags.

  2. Of course. They all have fat loss effects, and as Christian Thibaudeau has written, dropping workout supplementation is a big mistake people make when dieting. So you’re good to go with those choices! (Incidentally, my wife cut for a figure competition using about those same supplements - they not only helped her get very lean for the stage, but also retain muscle, which of course is crucial for long-term fat loss.)

Based on what I’ve found so far, what would you recommend as a good one? I’m more of a “do as you’v been told” type guy when it comes to training and dieting…

What I’d first suggest is to start a food log. You don’t need to count calories or macros, just write down what you eat and when.

Second, cut the obvious junk, if there’s any in your diet. These two things do what most diet plans do: make you start paying attention to what you’re eating. When I say “junk” I mean the obvious junk food - things you probably already know you should not be eating with the goal of fat loss. Sometimes that’s all a lifter needs. After doing that a few weeks, then you can start getting specific.

Two easy “rules” I’ve often prescribed that work every time: no milk, no wheat-containing foods. Simple, easy to remember, works wonders, mainly because it gets you to pay attention, and it removes a lot of the aforementioned junk. Gets the appetite and craving under control as well.

Start there. And you might even be able to finish there, no strict diet needed.

So this is what I “constructed” on the weekend


  • 6 egg whites
  • 2 slices of ezekiel toast with all natural nut butter

-1.5 cup of brocolli
-6oz chicken breast


  • same as above


  • 1 cup of asparagus
    -6 oz ground lean beef
  • multivitamins

3pm (2 hours before training)

  • 1.5 cup of rice
  • 6 oz ground beef

5pm (trainig)

  • indigo, plasma, micro pa


  • protein shake
    -1.5 rice
  • 6 oz of some meat

-…no idea what to eat before bed on a cut

thoughts? i feel like i should bump up my fat intake, introduce some coconut oil maybe?

Do not fear egg yokes: Coconut oil is a good choice too. Also, oatmeal is better than bread of any type.

Ok cool. definitely going to take that and utilize it!

Alright, imma do that diet up there for a month and see how my body responds to it!

For the moment 13%BF and 68kg. Want to get under 10%BF and stay there.
Work out 3x/week.
I am using the Indigo-3G/Plazma/Mag-10 combo and I’m having very good workouts and strengths gains.
Since I want to get leaner, I am cutting for the moment:
maintenance 33 x bodyweight 68kg = 2244calories.
-20% (2244x0,80) is 1795 calories daily.
Macro’s 20%fat, 35%protein (=2,5g/kg bodyweight), 45%carbs

I read with Indigo-3G I can have more carbs: estimation of %?
More calories as well: how many? How do I calculate?

Any advice, please?

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