Indigo, Plazma, and Brain Candy


Yesterday, for the first time, I added Brain Candy to my pre workout regimin.
The result was spectacular!
I’ve never felt so dialed in to a workout.
One of my buddies commented that he’d never seen me so focused.
My best chest workout ever!


[quote]Coltman wrote:
Yesterday, for the first time, I added Brain Candy to my pre workout regimin.
The result was spectacular!
I’ve never felt so dialed in to a workout.
One of my buddies commented that he’d never seen me so focused.
My best chest workout ever![/quote]
Great to hear, man. It’s definitely one of those “Holy crap, so this is what it feels like”-supplements. Very apparent when it kicks in.

One of the first times I had Brain Candy, I remember banging out a couple pages of writing in record time, stopping for a second, and just recognizing how I was running in some kind of extra gear. I’m not saying it’s like formula they used in Limitless, I’m just sayin’, it was a very cool feeling.


I did see a rise in BP, but it went back down in a few years.


A few years?


Should have written hours.
I’ve had a complete heart workup and nothing bad was found.


I personally tried something different with my recent contest prep. I used no caffeine or other stimulants. I did however use Brain Candy Caffeine Free and found my adrenals much more resilient after the contest grind. Basically, I didn’t feel like I wanted to sleep for a month straight after my contest. Indigo-3G manages the carbs and Plazma is just making me crazy pumped and vascular. There are not substitutes for Biotest.Uploading…


Mark has a good point. What I don’t like with stimulants is that overtime they can fatigue the adrenal glands. This is because a stimulant basically forces the adrenal glands to produce more adrenaline/noradrenaline than it is designed to produce. Works great but overtime you will fatigue those glands (it’s like asking an employee to always work overtime, eventually he will burn out). Stimulants once in a while are fine but not as a regular daily pre-workout thing.

When your adrenals are “fatigued” the body compensates by producing more cortisol (since cortisol can handle adrenalin’s job of mobilizing stored energy). We all know how excessively high cortisol can be a bad thing for muscle mass.

But also cortisol is produced from the same base hormone as testosterone (pregnenolone) so the more cortisol you produce, the less raw material you have to make testosterone.

Anyway, Brain Candy is my all-time favorite supplement. It’s like I’m an entirely better human being on it! Not only more focused but more confident and social. Normally my wife and I talk for about 10 minutes when we eat together. The first time I had Brain Candy (I didn’t even know what it was or what it was supposed to do… Tim Patterson just came up to me and said “Drink this”) my wife and I went to eat at Outback and I swear we talked for 2 hours… she thought I was on speeds or something!


Hah, I remember when you first mentioned that Outback story CT, back when Brain Candy first came out. Seems like a decade ago.

Anywho, I agree with both of you guys in different ways. First, I love Brain Candy but found myself too reliant on it, usually using it 5x a week before my workouts. I am sensitive to caffeine and found myself sweating too much… it was like I entered the gym 2 hours after taking Brain Candy and my pits were already sweaty, even though I was running errands or something. It definitely gives you a boost but the increase in cortisol and catecholamines is significant. I would also get cold hands very easily, possibly because of its vasoconstrictive effects. In fact, I have recently switched to just a coffee and Alpha-GPC (with ALCAR and Super B12 on the side as nootropic replacements) and have been getting much better pumps and ‘mind-muscle connection’, so to speak. I also have a feeling that it may be due to better insulin sensitivity, as caffeine can acutely cause insulin resistance and possibly a decrease in the GLUT4 transporter. Maybe not the best thing to happen when I’m about to take in a bunch of Mag-10 and Plazma, but I digress…

Second, there was also a study I read on caffeine that made me re-consider my use, and this goes to the cortisol/pregnenolone bit you mentioned CT. Link: - Dose effect of caffeine on testosterone and cortisol responses to resistance exercise. The last line of the abstract says: “Caffeine has some potential to benefit training outcomes via the anabolic effects of the increase in testosterone concentration, but this benefit might be counteracted by the opposing catabolic effects of the increase in cortisol and resultant decline in the testosterone:cortisol ratio”

Third, I have a stressful job, one where stress hormones increase out of nowhere on a consistent basis. Of course, the more time on the job = the better handling of the stress hormones and acting appropriately to the situation, but you could say my adrenals have taken a whacking. While Brain Candy is great for alertness, focus, mood, and sociability, I personally don’t think it is a great idea FOR ME to send the adrenals into overdrive upon waking, do whatever for 5-6 hours (lift, errands, etc), then go to work.


Since I always tend to repeat myself and tell the same stories (and people remind me of it) I always say “Well at least you know I’m telling the truth if I’m telling the exact same stories a few years apart!”