Indigo Inhibiting Carbs

I know Indigo can inhibit amylase and cause some carbs to not be absorbed. How strong of an effect is this? I’m trying to gain right now so the last thing I woild want is hindering absorption.

<a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G does not “inhibit” carbs. It is not a “carb blocker.” It basically puts carbs to work, shuttling them toward muscle gains instead of fat storage. The <a href=""target=“new”>Original Indigo-3G Article gets into the science more.

Its mentioned in an article that it inhibits alpha amylase, and TC even chimed in on a thread a while back confirming this…

HEre, from the very article you just posted

“GI Tract ? Taken prior to meals, C3G decreases amylase and glucosidase, effectively decreasing the speed and extent of carbohydrate digestion.”

Yes, but that is very different than “inhibiting absorption” as you stated. Your fears are unfounded there. If your goal is muscle gain without fat gain, Indigo-3G is a great choice.

No worries, Sideshow. Indigo 3G is all about manipulating carbohydrates so that they’re stored as glycogen in muscle tissue. I’m currently working on an article that explains the process pretty well, I think.

I’m looking forward to it!

Thanks Sideshowdoc!

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