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I am taken indigo 3g, and have noticed great muscle changes, i need some guidance or help with how to target some stomach fat or if anyone has had success with anything? my diet is getting better, great workouts and have tried doing more cardio. Any feedback would be great

It sounds from the above that you’re already on a great track for improvement.

There are no diet or exercise methods for targeting specific fat areas, as good as it would be there were.

Indigo-3G tends to improve abnormal patterns of fat deposit; a possible reason is that abnormal patterns may be a result of different patterns of inflammation in adipose tissue between differing areas of the body, and Indigo-3G works effectively against this inflammation.

You should have very considerable further improvement coming on your current program.

It def has helped with my arms, legs and chest. still just struggling with the stomach i just bought some of the Metabolic Drive protein. And have been taking Indigo-3G like it says in morning before workout or before dinner on non workout days. is that for best results

Yes, what you’re doing is proven excellent for results.

As your bodyfat percentage comes down, which you’re clearly accomplishing with your program, the stomach area will improve!

Glad to hear Indigo is working nicely for you! Regarding stomach fat, most men hold fat in that area and it’s usually the last stubborn bit to burn before getting a defined mid section.

What does your current training and nutrition look like? The more details the better, it’s hard to give specific recommendations with “my diet is getting better and great workouts.”

General recommendations are cutting carbs on non training days to a minimal, possibly veggie carbs only on those days, more NEPA (non-exercise physical activity) like walking every day, watch your pre-bed nutrition especially, possibly add some HOT-ROX or Carbolin 19. The supplements will help, but your training and nutrition really have to be consistent towards fat loss. If you post some details we can give more specific feedback :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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