Indigo Fixing Fat Cells

During the initial Indigo-3G launch, claims were made about how a 3 month run of Indigo-3G would create a permanent physiological improvement to the body’s nutrient absorption and insulin sensitivity.

Is there any recent information or thoughts that support this?

I am currently in college, so I can’t get on Indigo-3G indefinitely, but I could justify a 3 month stint if the above claim were to hold true.

Biotest is involved with further studies, but I’m not privy to that info yet. But based on the feedback we’re hearing and experiencing ourselves, we’d say that there is a permanent “fix” effect when it comes to nutrient repartitioning mechanisms and fat cell metabolism.

For example, many who couldn’t look at a carb-containing food without gaining body fat found they could eat triple the amount of carbs while using <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G. After a few months on Indigo-3G and some time spent in maintenance mode (single serving per day), they report still being able to eat plenty of carbs for optimal muscle gains and performance without gaining excess body fat.

My wife is actually a good example here. She went from a person who always had to be on a low-carb diet to someone who can eat plenty of carbs and stay lean, even after she stopped using Indgo-3G. (She chooses good carb sources of course. Obviously, going back to loaves of bread and pastries would lead to anyone gaining body fat again.)

Another personal example. I was on the full dosage (before the new formula) for 4 months and then the maintenance dosage for 2-3 months (new formula) before taking 2 months off (16% - 12-13%). I continued to gain good weight and stay at or decrease body fat in the 2 month hiatus from Indigo. I was eating the same amount of carbs during this off time as when I was taking Indigo. Not always clean, but mostly peri-workout. I just started the full dosage again, and have seen a significant change in lean mass over only 16 day period while increasing carb intake.

3 months would be GREAT, but if its between PLAZMA and Indigo I would go PLAZMA. IMO

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