Indigo and 'The Sweet Spot'


You’ve mentioned many times about finding “the sweet spot” concernning carb intake while on Indigo but my question is; what should I be watching for to know I’ve hit the sweet spot. I know it’s a big question but I’m kind of lost on this.

Should I notice/feel anything specific in training/pictures etc. Just not sure what to look for. Thanks for any advice on this complicated question.

The sweet spot is where you’re taking in enough carbs to reach your goals, muscle gains for example, without gaining excess fat. Sometimes you have to go over your sweet spot, then move back down to really find it. And this can take a few weeks to really figure out since fat gain/fat loss, muscle gain etc. doesn’t occur overnight (not enough to visibly notice right away at least.) So it looks like this:

  1. Choose only good foods and workout supplements. (This doesn’t work with junk foods.)

  2. Pick a number, like 400g of carbs.

  3. Do that for a couple of weeks. Use pics and tape measurements to better “see” results.

  4. Did you gain fat? Then back down a little, or increase activity.

  5. Did you not gain fat? Then add more carbs and/or overall calories. Go back to step 3 and 4. Evaluate and adjust as needed.

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