Indigo and Tea and Dosing Q

I just began Indigo and I like to drink tea. Every morning and usually at night after dinner. I thought I read awhile ago when I wasn’t taking it, that tea or green tea could have an effect on indigo. If so when is the best time to drink the tea? I am taking the 6 capsules twice a day right now. Once before lunch and the other before plasma and my workout which is around 330pm.

I was also wondering if I was taking the Indigo to close together? I try to eat lunch around noon-1 and then I train at 4, so another 6 caps at 315ish. Would it be of benefit to take the first dose with breakfast instead? Thanks

  1. Quercetin and other compounds (anthocyanins and anthocyanidins) may either inhibit or diminish the effects of <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G. It’s best to totally avoid concentrated sources while using full dose Indigo-3G. Tea is one of the those sources. Once you’re on maintenance dose of Indigo-3G, you can have your tea at the other end of the day, 5-6 hours away from your single serving of Indigo.

  2. One serving of Indigo-3G is present in the blood for at least 6 hours, so doses should be spread apart further than that. It doesn’t hurt you to “overlap” but there’s no reason to take a second dose when the first is still in you and doing its thing. You may want to move that first dose to pre-breakfast.

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