Indigo and Some Kind of Fruits


After long time in the market, maybe the experience and some last test tell us if there is any interference with some fruits.

I get back to use indigo and I’m concerned about in some carbs meals add:

Dates Medjool
Dried apricots
Dried Prunes
Marmalade (strawberry, blueberry, apricot, peach, apple…)
Blossom coconut nectar
Date concentrate syrup

are this foods really interfering with indigo if I put it in a carb meal?



As long as you follow the label directions to time each dose appropriately, I believe it’s tough to have a whole food that could interfere significantly with Indigo, but anything that’s a concentrate, in food or supplement form, is a bit of a different story because certain concentrated antioxidants can potentially impair Indigo’s effectiveness.

This article explains Indigo-3G in more depth and does mention that you’d want to avoid berries, so the marmalade may not be the best idea to have within a few hours of an Indigo dose.