Indigo and plazma

I’m kind of confused on how to use these two together. Do I need to take the indigo and then eat and then take plazma them workout or just use the plazma as my before workout meal? With the indigo is it wrong to take 2 pills in the morning and then 4 before I workout? It just seemed like if I took it more often it would work more than just the 6 hours a day. Some advice would be greatly appreciated.

Take the amount of Inigo-3G pills as advised on the label, no more, no less.

Take Indigo-3G before your largest carb meal OR if you’re training, take it 45 minutes prior to drinking your first dose of Plazma about 15-20 minutes pre workout.

The only thing I would add to the previous response is that I use Plazma exclusively as my pre / intra workout nutrition. I am an AM lifter and I have one dose 15 or so minutes prior to training, and 1-2 dose during. I have been getting very good results from this.

[quote]Bekah D wrote:
With the indigo is it wrong to take 2 pills in the morning and then 4 before I workout?[/quote]
Sticking with the label use is the best call. 4-6 caps, all at once.

On some level, this is kinda like saying “If I did 5 sets of an exercise every few hours, it’s better than an hour-long workout once a day.”

Indigo is generally “working” in your system for at least six hours, but it’s not like you have zero benefit from it the next day. Take it the same time each day, get it into your system, and it’ll do its job.

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