Indigo and Micro PA Advice?

If I take my Indigo early in the morning say 6am, how is it working and should I take more if I have a carb meal at 7pm long after the active 6hr active life? Also should I do the same with the Micro PA?

I would gather that since you take Indigo that early is because you work out early in the AM? Are you also supplementing with Plazma?

Apart from that, as long as you follow the instructions on the bottles, you are golden.

Depending in your goals, you might want to ingest less carbs at dinner. Big salad and protein, as an example And keep all your carbs around your ingestion on carbs. This would also go towards your non work out days.

WO days: 1 hour prior WO, Micro PA
: 30 minutes prior WO, Indigo
: 15 minutes prior WO, first Plazma
: During WO, Rest of Plazma

Non work out days: Wake up, Micro PA
: 30 Minutes later, Indigo
: Big carb meal.

And so on…

Makes sense?

You are exactly correct. I do train at that time and I am also using plazma as my pre and intra supplementation. Thank you for your quick response. I also currently take my alpha gpc 90 min prior to my workout.

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