Indigo and IF

I am due to start my first course of Indigo and am seeking some advice from those who have ran this supplement on an IF programme. My intention is to take my daily dosage prior to my early evening workout and fill in my carb quota from that time onwards. I work well on IF, especially for fat loss, so am keen to run it again and maximise it with Indigo.

However, older threads reveal advice from CS that this is not optimum. I’m assuming this may be down to the previous dosing protocol, which was twice daily. However, I can’t see a need for this now for the once daily dose and given it is active for around six hours in the system (which would amply cover the eating window on IF).

I am under the impression that Indigo-3G would work great with IF. It all depends on your window and when you work out.

Just time everything to get the maximum effect of Indigo-3G’s 6 hour window. I would actually have all the carbs for the day during that period.

Just my nickel (we don’t haven pennies in Canada…).

On one hands, one thing that INDIGO does great is allow you to eat more since it helps store nutrients in the muscle instead of fat. It also helps regulate insulin release so that you don’t get the large insulin swings normally seen with frequent eating.

As such a more “normal” eating schedule with INDIGO would make more sense.

On the other hand it will also help you better manage the “feast” period of IF, storing more of the ingested food in the muscles. It would also allow you to have a solid peri-workout protocol without having any ill-effect on your fast-feast cycle.

My opinion is that INDIGO is optimized with at least “regular eating” (I’m not one who likes to eat 6-7 meals a day) BUT that if you are deadest on using IF,INDIGO will help too.

Cheers CT, input greatly appreciated.

Just a quick update on this. Three weeks in and I can report a very positive affect on body recomp. Of course, nutrition, including intra-workout, has been consistently solid, as has my training programme. After dosing 5 capsules per day, what is most evident is the loss of bloat around the waist, even though I average 200g CHO a day, sometimes closer to 250g, revealing my abs and forcing me to up a notch on my belt.

Prior to this, I tended to only get such progress on a low carb diet. Unlike the LCD, I tend to believe the weight loss is more likely to be predominantly body fat than water (which my body fat measurements corroborate). Very happy to date and plan to stick with the IF approach using Indigo for a bit longer as a result.

Given a few folks are asking questions about carb timing on Indigo, I thought I’d give an update on my IF plan using Indigo.

In short, I have lost 16lbs since commencing the programme on 11 August. I am now 162lbs. What’s more, body fat has substantially decreased in those areas where I thought it was there to stay (lower back/abs). This has coincided with less bloating and a drop in trouser waist size.

As importantly, training progress has largely increased. This has been achieved through a very compliant nutrition and supplement programme, as well as consistent training sessions (5-6 a week) using a mixture of strength, hypertrophy, conditioning tools.

Diet wise, I adhere to a 16/8-style IF programme. I use 5 Indigo caps pre-WO or evening meal on non-training days. Calories are set at 2,000, although I tend to go over this on training days and will have one day per week where I purposely aim for an additional 1,000 or so from clean sources. Carbs are set at 200g, but again this tends to get close to 250g on training days. On a daily basis, I probably consume around 400kcals from rising until I begin WO nutrition (or evening meal on non-training days), with the majority of calories coming at night.

The above probably highlights the fact that Indigo is not a magic bullet, as clearly I would have made progress with such a tight regime. But when all factors are combined it is proving, for me at least, the next best thing to a magic bullet. What has driven it home to me is that, at my age, I am close to the best, if not the best, shape I have been in full stop. As a former fatty, I have only ever made such inroads to what I would consider to be ‘beach ready’ on a low carb diet. This, then, is very new to me to be able to do it on relatively high carbs and to have the associated benefits, i.e. increased energy levels and workout intensity, as well as joy of intra-WO pumps, and throwing back rice and potatoes at dinner.

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