Indigo and Double-Workouts


As usual, Biotest has failed to let me down. I’ve done a couple Pulse-Fasts now, and am completely sold on MAG-10.

I sort of bailed on life for a couple weeks, so I’m doing a quick and dirty 2-week V-Diet/Pulse-Fast combo (will post what I’ve done and my results in the V-Diet log) and am looking ahead at supplements.

I’m going to take your previous recommendations and switch my workout nutrition to Plazma from Surge Recovery, and add the MAG-10 pulses, so I’m looking at the Super Stack. I hadn’t really considered trying Indigo, but since it’s part of the stack, and Biotest hasn’t yet steered me wrong, I’m game! After years of seriously disordered eating (anorexia, food intolerances,binge eating, etc) I’m hoping it’ll help ‘reset’ my system which feels sort of… broken.

That being said - how would you go about the Indigo dosage? I’d like to go on the full (2x6cap) for the 8-weeks, then drop down to maintenance after that. At least twice a week, I train twice a day (7a and 4p). For the first 8 weeks, I presume I should take both doses 30min prior to starting my Plazma (I’ll likely only be doing 1-serving of Plazma for each workout - I recall you saying this should be fine) and pulsing MAG-10 an hour after I’m done.

But once switching to maintenance, when should I take the Indigo, or should I stick to two doses on double-training days. I’d like to keep costs down, but I’d also hate to waste money by not supplementing properly and sort of “half-ass’ing” or “wasting” the effects.

Sorry for such a long post, and I hope everything was clear. One last question - is AutoShip available to Canada?

Thanks again for all your help!

“Broken” is a good term to use to describe many people’s nutrient uptake mechanisms and fat cell metabolism. Disordered eating – from under-eating to overeating – seems to exacerbate these underlying issues that can screw up our progress even after we get our nutrition under control and adopt healthier lifestyles.

Indigo-3G is made to “fix” these problems. The <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma Super Stack looks like it’s perfect to fit your needs and save you a few bucks. And yes, Canadians can definitely sign up for auto-ship to cut the costs of Indigo-3G. Just call 800-525-1940 and customer service will hook you up when you’re ready.

One thing to keep in mind when planning your Indigo-3G dosing is to keep the servings about 6 hours apart or more. You don’t want to “overlap” dosages. It won’t hurt you, but Indigo-3G will work better if you spread out the two 6-capsule servings.

With that in mind, yes, you could take one servings before your 7AM workout and one before your 4PM workout along with Plazma. If it’s more convenient for you, you can actually take your Indigo-3G with the Plazma, or take it just before starting your Plazma drink. Both methods work great.

On days where you only train once, have 6 capsules before the workout, then another 6 capsules before one of your solid meals, probably the evening meal.

On days where you’re not training at all, just have Indigo-3G before lunch and dinner. During the 8 week full cycle of Indigo-3G, you’ll take 12 capsules every day (2 x 6) even if you’re not training.

For maintenance dosing (6 capsules once per day), have your serving before a workout if you’re training that day, and before the evening meal if you’re off that day.

If you’re training twice per day and on maintenance dose, just take Indigo before the toughest workout of that day: weight training for legs for example, which is usually the most demanding workout for most folks.

Hope this helps! If we need to clarify anything, ask away!


Thank you so much! This definitely clarifies things.

“Broken” is an awful term I’ve tried to avoid using to describe myself, but it’s really the only right word when it comes to my eating and body comp. Seems like years of over/under eating have completely messed up my system to a point where no matter how clean I eat, I’m not really seeing the results I want. This then leads to frustration which leads to giving up, binge eating, then starting the cycle over. Which really only makes it worse in the long run. I’m really hoping Indigo can help me see the changes I want while allowing me to eat clean but not obsess over what I’m eating or not eating.

One more question (for now, at least) - have you found that over time people are able to come off Indigo and still see the results of the “fix,” or is it sort of an all-the-time thing like Flameout and others?

Thanks again

I think most of us have been through some tough times when it comes to nutrition. (I was medically obese at age 21, lost the fat but also became weak and too skinny afterwards. Indigo-3G certainly fixed up all those old issues for me.)

This is one thing that I personally love about <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G: although we’ll always promote healthy eating habits, Indigo-3G does allow one to loosen up and not have to be so obsessive. For example, living life on a low carb diet just to stay lean and fearing even the carbs in a sweet potato.

Indigo-3G allows you to have carbs again; in fact in works best with adequate carb and overall calorie intake. We suggest healthy carbs of course and not junk food, but even the occasional dessert or unplanned refeed isn’t a problem once all those underlying problems are repaired with Indigo. Your body just “puts them to work” so to speak instead of storing every unplanned morsel as body fat. As one of our first Indigo-3G users said, “Indigo makes me feel genetically blessed when it comes to food and training results.”

As for your question, yes, most Indigo-3G users who’ve done the full cycle plus a period of maintenance dosing report long-lasting effects. Actually, my wife is one of them. She used Indigo for an extended period of time, then maintenance dose, then she would just have a serving if we hit an Indian food buffet or frozen yogurt place. Today she’s not using Indigo and is still able to eat pre-workout Finibars and not sweat eating rice with dinner. Before Indigo, she had to sweat every single carb it seemed.

I don’t recall where it was at, perhaps here in this forum, but there’s a thread by Indigo-3G users discussing their long-term “fixes” from using Indigo. It seems pretty common.

After a full cycle, some Indigo users will cycle off, then choose to get back Indigo-3G if they’re planning something different, like a mass phase period where they’ll know they’ll be eating a lot. It’s like adding extra insurance that the extra calories will go where they’re supposed to go! And some will just keep a bottle handy for holiday meals and parties. Good plan.

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