Indigo and Cheat Meals

Hi Chris

Some cheat meals I crave some foods as I’m dieting from long time ago cause my contest and I should keep dieting for next phase.

Anyway, I really wish some blueberries mermelade, pure organic raw frut with a paleo bread and foods
Like that. I usually take 8 indigo 60 minutes before my meal.

Can blueberrie mermelade hurt the indigo’s action?


Probably not. You have to get a very concentrated source of quercetin and other things, and that usually requires a supplement source. I think you’re safe.

We are talking about typical doses of 200 mg and more? From supps like resveratrol linked to quercitine or typical GI repair, etc.

I can enjoy of bottle of mermelade, OMG!!! Love you Chris hahahaha

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