Indigo and CBL (No Pre/Intra Carbs)


I only take MCT-oil and a little isolate PRE, nothing INTRA and basically all the carby goodness in my POST-shake. With that in mind, how would I best take Indigo, as it says 30 min before your PERI-nutrition?

Very poor workout nutrition plan. In fact, a study by Wilson et al shows that you are building ZERO muscle, and could be losing it as well, when weight training in a fasted state, even if you add BCAA during training. According to the study, consuming leucine (BCAA) without ample carbohydrate present prevented protein synthesis. In other words, any possibility of gaining muscle is eliminated when training in a fasted state, even with BCAA present. So you may as well go do Zumba. Same goes with MCT oil. It must be carbs, and ideally the right kind of carbs from a dedicated workout drink like Plazma.

We now know that while post-workout is important, pre and intra are even more so. And your plan isn’t asking care of it. Not your fault, lots of diet plans out there that seem to be written to cause atrophy.

Also think about this: you’ve bought Indigo-3G – something that prevents fat storage and partitions carbs into muscle gain… then you choose not to take in those carbs for most of the day. Why? Indigo fixes all those underlying issues that the goofy ebook diet plans try to work around. And we want you to get the most out of Indigo. You won’t do that by skipping the pre-workout carbs.

Haha, ouch. All fair points. How would a non-Plazma user go about his PERI?

I have seen the Indigo-guide with Plazma, but since you don’t ship to Sweden, I have to order via a friend in Australia. Long story short, I won’t be able to try it any time soon.

Just eat an hour or so before training, and include some carbs. Same post-training. Since Indigo-3G stays active in your body for hours, you can take it about 30 minutes before your pre-workout meal and still be covered all the way through post-workout meal (and beyond.)

I can personally say I have tried the no workout carbs and then the Biotest plan and I look much better, recover much better, and get stronger and more powerful the Biotest way. I will crash without carbs Sure there is a lot of conflicting confusing plans out there, which can derail you if you let it, but if you are training CT or JM style you are not normal.

In fact just being on this site, you probably train like a beast so you have to diet like one. Your body distributes 100% of your peri to your muscles, period…this is the best time to take in nutrients because of this so take advantage of it. The more peri the better!

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