Indigo and Carb Count the Rest of the Day

So I finally took the leap and bought Indigo. According to FedEx it should actually be arriving today. With that said I did have a few questions about how to get the most out of it. I know about taking a dose preworkout (in which I will have a fini bar, surge workout fuel(2 scoops) and mag-10) These together will give me about 100 grams of carbs in the workout window and then after my workout ill do about a 100 grams of carbs from rice and fruit. So 200 within about 2.5 hours of taking Indigo. Now my first question is what should my carb intake look like for the rest of the day? I have been for some time now following Berardi’s idea of having anytime meals and post workout meals. So my non post training meals would be low in carbs, with maybe a small serving of fruit or beans in the anytime meals. With taking indigo should I look to increase the carbohydrate content of my so called “anytime meals”?

As an example this is what I do now
training day
200 grams carbs total in the pre, intra, post training time
4;30pm - one serving indigo
5;00pm - finibar
5:45pm - surge workout fuel (2 scoops normally)
7:00pm - mag-10
8;00pm - 8 oz chicken, 100 grams carbs from rice, veggies, 1-2tbsp olive oil
10:00pm - zma/bedtime

Now my meals the rest of the day would normally for me be:
8 oz chicken lean beef, veggies, 1-2 tbsp olive/coconut oil, veggies, 1/2 cup beans
4 eggs, 1 scoop metabolic drive, veggies, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 orange
2 scoops metabolic drive, 1 banana, 2 tbsp high oleic PB, 2 tbsp caco nibs, greens

This would give me about 275-300 grams carbs on my training days. If I just took out the workout carbs I would be down to 175 to 200 on non training days. I would keep dinner the same but take my dose of indigo before dinner as per the label. Do these sound like reasonable carb numbers to take while on indigo? Im a FFB and while I am down quite a bit now 6’3 218 17% bodyfat, compared to being over 350 lbs, I still have some of those nagging areas especially around the waistline and lower chest. So of course my goal is to lean up while maintaining the lean mass I currently have.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Well going to need to wait a little longer to use it. They say it was delivered but it wasn’t delivered to my address. No idea where the box is now. Very frustrating. I realize it’s not biotests fault but now I have no idea when or if I’ll get my stuff.

[quote=“brotzman101928, post:1, topic:6186”]
Now my first question is what should my carb intake look like for the rest of the day?[/quote]
As long as you keep the carbs decent to relatively high around workouts, you can get by with less carbs throughout the day if that’s the type of diet you’re seeing results with. But really, with your size and the carb numbers you talked about (200ish on off days, 300ish on training days), I wouldn’t really consider you seriously “low carb” anyhow, so you should be fine.

That’s something you can implement when you get a bit leaner and the insulin sensitivity effects of Indigo start kicking in. Plenty of people, FFBs in particular, find they’re eventually able to tolerate more carbs than they used to after using Indigo.

[quote=“brotzman101928, post:2, topic:6186”]
They say it was delivered but it wasn’t delivered to my address. No idea where the box is now.[/quote]

Fuuuuuuuuuuuu… :rage: Sorry man. I’d flip right the hell out. Hope FedEx sorts it out for you ASAP.

Thanks for the answers Chris I really appreciate it. And trust me I did flip out about fedex delivering to the wrong address. It’s not so much that it happened but the response after the fact. They informed me that first they would contact the driver directly to see what happened and being I called within only an hour of the supposed delivery he should still be in the area and able to locate the package. Well the driver, according to the FedEx rep, never responded back. They give them 48 hours so I’ve been told to respond back so I should hear something by Monday afternoon. Now how in the hell is a guy going to remember on Monday what he did with a random package on Saturday?

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