Indigo and Brain Candy Dosing on an Empty Stomach

Indigo and Brain Candy recommend taking on an empty stomach. Can they be combined for optimum results?
I train at 5 AM most days so usually Indigo goes in first, wait 15 minutes, then Brain Candy, wait another 15+ minutes and then swallow the Plazma dose. I sometimes have a little coffee after the Plazma. I have to be up by 4:15 to be at my gym by 5:00.

Do you suggest a different dosing protocol?
One early morning dosing suggestion added a Mag-10 pulse with nuts before the Indigo and Plazma.

Thoughts & Suggestions?


I regularly combine these two products together especially when I’m training in the morning. Make sure to take your Indigo 30min before you start the Plazma - Let’s say at 4:15 you take the Indigo and Brain Candy together and instead of drinking the Plazma all at once start sipping it 15 minutes before - you can do a preload with one serving just before you start training (4:45) and mix another 1-2 servings (depending on your nutritional needs) that you can sip on throughout your whole workout. I would say to hold off on the Mag-10 first thing in the morning and have it immediately post workout (only because you are training so soon after waking up) and the Plazma is like a meal itself.

Hope this helped a bit.

Thanks for writing.
I’ll combine the Indigo and Brain Candy first, then drink the Plazma 30 minutes later.
All that liquid so early has been a challenge some days.

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