Indigo and Antibiotics

Another quick question from a new user. Due to a suspected tummy bug recently, I am going to see my GP who I suspect will put me on antibiotics. Having just started an Indigo programme two days ago, I suspect this medication, as well as my general gut health at the moment, would negate any positives from Indigo?

I am on a diet at the moment (pulse feast) and can adhere to this, as well as train, with no repercussions other than upset tummy every 2-3 days. I’m not seeking a medical diagnosis but if there is any good advice on whether to take Indigo given the circumstances?

I really can’t say on a factual basis, but as personal opinion if it were me, I’d take a break, in agreement with your general thinking. If funds were unlimited that would be one thing, but that’s rarely the case, and why spend money when your condition is temporarily unlikely (as guesswork) to allow much benefit.

Just steer clear of quinoline based antibiotics.

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