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Let me start off by saying thank you for responding to these questions. I have read through a lot of these about the Indigo-3G. I’m in the middle of the 3rd week of V-Diet. Before i tried the diet, I ate Paleo. So after the diet I’m going to try Indigo-3G. I have asked a few things before about this and trying to dial my program in before it starts.

I enjoy eating Paleo style, but see I need more carbs for Indigo(other than fruits and veggies) So, question is can i just use Surge Fuel and Recovery for the extra carbs for my clean bulk or do I need to add some other carbs with my meals like rice and potatoes? You also recommended Anaconda and MAG-10 to stack with it.

So can I just use the Surge Fuel since it has them in it, or take them also on top of that? Is another protein needed along with the Surge Recovery since it has some in it? Use for between meal basically.

And finally I saw for best results tom take Indigo-3G for 12 weeks. Would I keep the 3 times a day 40-60 min before meals for the 12 weeks or does it scale down? I’m just wanting the best results, so I have no problem with the investment. I just want to do it correctly to it’s full potential. I also plan on doing the 6 weeks to superhero workout to start for all of this. Is that an okay one to use with these supplements? Thank You. Adam

  1. The best workout supplements to use with Indigo are Anaconda during training (which now has the right kinds of carbs you need) and MAG-10 after. You don’t need the Surge products when using Anaconda and MAG-10. Yes, you’ll need more solid food carbs too. We have a suggested list here: <a href=""target=“new”>Basic Carb Guide I suggest avoiding wheat but things like rice are fine. And I was a Paleo guy too for a while, and Indigo fixed everything: able to gain muscle, eat carbs, and stay lean.

  2. We now recommend at least 6 weeks of full dosage Indigo (12 capsules per day). After that you can go down to 4-6 capsules per day.

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The best fitness website. Thank you. Exactly what I needed.